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Focusing Attention on the Hips

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

Sports have undergone a change in recent years regarding how players stretch.  In my playing days, stretching was of the “static” kind (stretching while the body is at rest) and largely involved stretches that looked like this …


Today, trainers and athletes are recognizing the problems with static stretching routines and are replacing them with more of the “dynamic” kind.  “Dynamic” stretching involves using body movements that will warm-up and loosen the body by mimicking the movements and range of motion the body will be doing during competition.  There are a variety of dynamic and functional warm-up routines that work all the major parts of the body.  No baseball player, however, should avoid those that specifically focus attention on the hips.

Much of the explosiveness, power, quickness, balance, and agility needed to be successful in baseball comes from the hips.  Therefore, players that have strong, flexible hips that are able to get full range of motion are going to have an advantage over players with more limited strength and mobility in their hips.

Although genetics and body type can certainly limit some players mobility, all players can benefit and therefore improve the mobility of their hips if they incorporate specific exercises and warm-up activities into their off-season, pre-game, and pre-practice routines.  Many teams make them part of their team ritual prior to doing anything.

In the future I may put together a video of my own on other functional and dynamic warm-up drills for baseball.  Until then, take a look at the video below to get a good taste of what they look like.  Not all the exercises in the video focus on the hips but anytime leg drills are done, the hips joints are gaining mobility.  If you have not mixed these drills or others like them into your or your team’s routine, I highly recommend that you do.

More mobility from the hips and torso = a better baseball player.


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