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By Angel Russell @sergeantsparrow
f.o.c. f.o.c. f.o.c.

-Angel Russell

f.o.c. is an alternative rock band from San Antonio, Texas. Their music has an coarse feel with a ethereal quality that refines the rough edges of rock. They don’t stomp your face with bravado, distorted guitars, or double bass pedals, rather they hint at the beast hiding underneath the music. It breaths in the spaces between the sound. Its presence permeates. It waits to show it’s teeth, but it doesn’t want to frighten you, it wants you to listen. It lulls you to sleep. Nick Evans is the voice, Christopher Pate plays guitar, Scott MacWilliams plays drums, and Chris Kosiorek plays bass and keyboard. The songwriters are Eveans and Pate. Their second album “Color Blind” was produced by David Percefull and recorded at YellowDog Studios in Austin, Texas in June 2014.  It was released in December 2014. f.o.c. is short for First Order Condition, which was used as the band’s original name in 2011.


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