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FOAM Puts New Talent on Display

By Amsterdam City Tours

FOAM puts new talent on display

Amsterdam’s iconic photography museum FOAM is well-known for exhibiting the imagery of some of the past and present’s most talented photographers.

But in a new showing unveiled on 14 October, FOAM put its professional reputation to work by supporting the young and vibrant work of 15 young photographers.

In Talent 2011, young artists from around the world – including the Netherlands, US, Britain, Denmark, Ireland, France and Italy to name a few – were given free reign to showcase their images. And they were honoured even further by having their exhibition launch the newest FOAM venue on the Vijzelgracht.

FOAM puts new talent on display

The large, open-plan floor space gives way to the dramatic and captivating photography. With photojournalism pieces, abstract works and moving portraits, Talent 2011 highlights one of FOAMs biggest missions – to follow closely the latest developments, trends and themes of the new generation of artists.

FOAM puts new talent on display

The 15 featured artists were chosen from a huge pool of talent based on their ingenuity and master of the craft. Everything was considered in the selection including analogue, black and white, self-developed and digitally altered imagery.

FOAM is undeniably a leader in the field of photography, bringing the most challenging and arresting artists to Amsterdam. But here, the museum keeps its pulse on the ever-changing world of a craft that is as relevant today as it was 185 years ago when the first photo was developed.

FOAM puts new talent on display

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