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Flying Solo Before Driving Solo

By Swayne Martin @MartinsAviation
It's been a busy few months! I've done things I could only dream of as a kid. I can say I've flown a plane solo, something which only a tiny percentage of the world has done. Final exams are a week from today, and summer is just around the corner. Plus, yesterday, I finally got my driver's license! 

Since February 18th, I've been able to fly solo, yet not drive solo... seems backwards somehow! I've been flying above the roads I wasn't allowed on, until now. Granted, I think the roads are a whole lot more intimidating than the skies. It's so much less restricted and crowded up there, which makes for a much more enjoyable time. 

Flying Solo Before Driving Solo
While driving might not be as "exciting" as flying, I'm definitely excited to finally have my license. I look forward to being able to drive myself where I need to be, without the need to get rides from family or friends. 

It's been 3 weeks since I last flew; hopefully, weather permitting, I'll be able to go for a flight this weekend. The plan is to fly West towards the mountains, to Charlottesville Albemarle Airport (CHO) to expose me to ATC for the first time, in a Class-D environment. It'll be my first flight into a commercial airport! If I get to fly, a post will be up Saturday or Sunday. 

Flying Solo Before Driving Solo

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Swayne Martin

Twitter: @MartinsAviation

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