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Flowers Welcome and Unwelcome

By Mwillis
Most of the flowering plants in my garden have finished for the year now.

Flowers welcome and unwelcome


Any little splash of color is welcome, so this is definitely a welcome flower:
Flowers welcome and unwelcome

At this time of year my white rose bush (variety unknown) usually produces a new flush of blooms. The Autumn blooms tend to have a very pronounced pink tinge to them, whereas the ones in high Summer are completely white.
The Pelargoniums are surprisingly also putting up one or two more flowers. I had thought them finished some weeks ago. So this is another welcome flower.
Flowers welcome and unwelcome

This however is an unwelcome flower:
Flowers welcome and unwelcome

Regrettably, some of my Leeks are bolting. I must say that I'm not really surprised. For the last three months or so they have just sat there doing nothing, and not getting any bigger. However they have now produced some pretty impressive 'scapes'.
Flowers welcome and unwelcome

Once this has happened, the leeks are more or less worthless. I know from experience that they will have a tough core which makes them unpalatable. Possibly they might be used to add flavor to a stock?

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