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Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! Spring Flower Festival

By Theplaceswevebeen @petenewbury

I’ll admit, I’m not much of a flower guy. I much prefer to go to a zoo and stare at animals then go to a park or garden and smell the roses. I’m just not much of a flower guy. I do however, enjoy the annual Spring Flower Festival here in Seoul. Well, I enjoy it once I get there.

This year it seemed everyone was going to the festival to see the trees in bloom with beautiful pink cherry blossoms. It also seemed that everyone took the subway! Once we got off the train, it was a long 15-20 slow moving march through a throng of people to the exit. On a normal day it would take about five minutes to exit the train, go up the stairs, scan my T-money (subway) card and find the nearest exit. Not on this day!

Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! Spring Flower Festival

There were tons of people at the festival

Once we did make it to the street lined with pink cherry blossoms it was worth it. The street pretty much makes a semi-circle around the back of the National Assembly and is closed off to traffic. The only traffic is pedistarian traffic. Families walking together, elderly enjoying the traditional Korean music, couples enjoying he romantic setting and photographers trying to find the perfect shot.

Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! Spring Flower Festival

People enjoying the traditional Korean music

I would much rather a day at the zoo looking at the exotic animals but, the annual Spring Flower festival here in Seoul is worth attending even if you’re not a flower guy or gal.

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