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Flowers, Seeds and Trucks

By Sue15cat
Flowers, Seeds and Trucks
I've been so busy over the past couple of weeks getting lots of vegetable seeds planted in the polytunnel, yesterday I realised that I had totally forgotten to get any flower seeds sown.  As a through and through veggie gardener I don't have that much time for flowers unless they are useful to my vegetables,  Yes, flowers are pretty and colourful and we all need a bit of that in our lives, and of course the bees love and need them but I wouldn't dream of ever having a cottage garden full of flowers, flowers and more flowers.  Maybe one day I'll change ... but for now my heart lies with the edibles.
We were lucky to inherit the front border when we bought this house, planted with all sorts of things that add enough flowery prettiness, and I've added to it slightly with Primulas, Hydrangeas and Lavenders, but I've also taken away .... all but one rose have gone, I really don't like growing roses at all.
Flowers, Seeds and Trucks
Anyway yesterday I set to and planted some pots of Nasturtiums, Marigolds and some Sweet Peas.  Those among you that know about these will know that the Nasturtiums are completely edible, both the leaf and the flower have a wonderful peppery taste and make a salad look vibrant as well as adding flavor and they help deter aphids.  The Marigolds are a brilliant companion plant for Tomatoes and generally in a polytunnel and vegetable garden, attracting the beneficial hoverflies who pollinate plants and whose larvae eat aphids ... and of course they both look very pretty,
Flowers, Seeds and Trucks
The sweet peas were planted in full length toilet rolls tubes as they like a long undisturbed root system and this is my preferred way of ensuring that.  I did try out the proper 'root trainers' but found that on opening them up a lot of the compost drops from the roots, this way the whole kit and caboodle gets planted in the soil and nothing is even slightly disturbed ... and of course toilet roll inners are free!!
So that the flowers and the seeds of the title talked about ..... what about the trucks?
Flowers, Seeds and Trucks
Well my eldest son Simon is setting off for Carlisle, as I type to enter a truck show with his work truck.  Both he and his work mates have been polishing, primping and generally showing off to their very best advantage their day to day work vehicles. 
Flowers, Seeds and Trucks
This one is Simon's wagon when he's not mechanicing in the garage.
Good Luck son, let us all know how you get on Now you've got the whole world, not just the trucking world waiting to see how well you do.... no pressure :-)
Sue xx

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