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Flowers Help in Improving Our Emotional Health

By Lili Gomes @_roselili

beautiful orange young brunette girl expression portrait with daWith today’s fast-paced and high-tech lifestyle, taking its toll on our day to day lives, experts suggest exercise as well as other personal lifestyle changes for relieving stress. As per the behavioural research, the flowers give us with a simple method of improving the emotional health. The presence of flowers triggers the happy emotions, heightens the feelings of life satisfaction and affects the social behavior in a positive way far beyond what’s generally believed.

A study on flowers was conducted in Newborough. What is most exciting about the study is that it challenges the scientific beliefs about how people are able to manage their daily moods in a natural and healthy way. A team of researchers in Newborough explored the link between the flowers as well as the life satisfaction in a ten month study of the emotional and behavioural responses of the participants to receiving the flowers. The results basically show that flowers are a healthful and natural moderator of moods.

The flowers have a great impact on happiness. All the participants of the study expressed exciting or true smiles upon getting the flowers, showing extraordinary gratitude and delight. This reaction was actually universal, which takes place in all the age groups.

The flowers have a long-term positive impact on the moods. Particularly, the participants of the study reported feeling less anxious, depressed as well as agitated after getting the flowers and showed a higher sense of life satisfaction and enjoyment.

The flowers make close connections. The presence of the flowers led to increased contact with the friends and family.

Our common sense tells us that flowers can make us very happy. But now science shows us that flowers not only make us happy; they even have strong positive impacts on our emotional well beings.

The study even explored that flowers are only displayed in areas of homes that are open to the visitors. Places like living rooms, foyers and the dining rooms are the most common places where flowers are generally seen in homes. This means that flowers are even a symbol for sharing. Flowers basically bring a lot of emotional feelings in those people who enter a room. They help in making the space a lot more welcoming and creates a sharing environment.

There are many kinds of flowers that can affect one’s mood in a positive way. Consult with a qualified and experienced florist in Newborough if you want to know about those flowers that can improve your emotional health. Only a professional florist will be able to advise you regarding this and help you order the right floral arrangement.

Flowers Help in Improving Our Emotional Health

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