Destinations Magazine

Flower Infusion

By Agnes

A dozen organic roses from a complete stranger in the grocery store reminded me of this flower-tea I've been meaning to sun-brew all summer.

It's been overcast here for days so I guess it's technically a cold-brew and not a sun-brew. It's so very good either way -- gotta love flower-tea. 

Herbs for my tea iphone shot

Jasmine, chamomile and lavender are my favorite aromas. Added rose petals, mint leaves (not too much or it will be too minty and taste like tooth paste) and anise (also not too much or it will taste like ouzo). Back in my teens, when my cousin and I were traveling down Italy, we had travel pillows that were filled with dried chamomile, lavender, vanilla + other herbs. They smelled like heaven and made everything in our backpacks smell good -- even our dirty laundry. 

My tea brewing iphone shot

That's all for now -- been buried in work again lately. 

Think I worked close to 90 hours last week, but honestly? I am not even that tired. Though I wouldn't say no to an hour long Thai massage right now... 

…but instead, off to a meeting I go (ended up booking the account Ernie has hooked me up with a couple of weeks ago, lucky me!). 

Until next time.


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