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Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil

By Ngscents @ngscents

Floral Bouquet Fragrance OilFloral Bouquet Fragrance Oil – Fragrance Oil Spotlight

Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden is a delightful, sensuous flower fragrance.  The herbaceous blend is true-to-name, giving the aroma of a bright floral arrangement.  Green base notes add depth and texture to the scent, giving it a broad flower-shop appeal.  Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil is a Nature’s Garden Original Fragrance and a Best Seller!  Customers consistently give this fragrance 5-star reviews, as this fragrance performs wonderfully in all applications!  If you’re looking for a strong, true floral, try Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil today!

What Does Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil Smell Like?

Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden is a true-to-name scent delivering the aroma of a fresh floral arrangement.  Notes of carnation, tulips, roses, and fresh greenery create an aroma reminiscent of a colorful flower shop!

Top Notes: peach, eucalyptus, apple blossoms
Mid Notes:  hydrangea, rose, carnation, tulip
Base Notes:  jasmine, gardenia, cut grass, flower stems

How Do Our Customers use Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil?

Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil from Nature’s Garden is a used to create bright room scents.  Products such as incense, potpourri, and Smelly Jellies can use this fragrance oil as 50% of the total recipe. This fragrance oil also performs exceptionally well in aroma beads.  Wax-based products, such as candles and tarts, will perform exceptionally well when up to 10% fragrance oil is incorporated in your recipe.  This scent performs wonderfully in Joy and Wow Wax, and will also perform well in soy wax.  Unfortunately, this scent does not work with gel wax. With the uniqueness of this bright floral, the creative choices are endless!  If you wish to color your candle wax, we recommend using two drops of red liquid candle dye per four pounds of wax, or your could shred a small amount of red color block into your melted wax.  Do not color your candles with melted crayon, as crayons will clog your wick, preventing the candle from properly burning.

Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil is a prime choice for truly efflorescent bath and body products.  Because this flowery scent is so accurate to its name, customers will be enthralled with your products for their aromatic accuracy.   Bath gels, bath bombs, and oils perform perfectly when 4% fragrance oil is used.  Homemade soap makers can use up to 4% in cold process soaps or melt and pour soap recipes.  Our Cold Process Soap Testing Results show that this fragrance soaped nicely.  There was some acceleration, so do your soaping at room temperature!  The soap experienced no ricing, no separation, and no discoloration.  Cured soap had a very strong scent!  If you wish to color your soap, we recommend using red or pink soap dye according to your specification.  Remember, never use candle dye to color your bath and body products as they are not body safe.

Floral Bouquet Fragrance Oil can be used to create a wide variety of delightfully flowering products.  Using a maximum recommended amount 4% fragrance oil, our customers create blossoming homemade perfumes, body sprays, and lotions.  Customers also make their own household cleaning supplies with a maximum of 5% fragrance oil.

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