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Floral Arrangement Tips for Beginners

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

Fresh flowers are a great idea for home decor. With lively colors and texture, they easily breathe life into a room. From rows of interesting flower choices on a countryside road to pre-made supermarket bouquet of flowers on the way to check-out, flowers are a source of inspiration.

Floral Arrangement Tips for Beginners

If you're considering flower decorations in your home, you'll have to learn proper flower arrangement. There are more than a thing or two to learn about it. Here are our simple flower arrangement tips for beginners.

Get the Right Flowers

The first step for your home decor is choosing the right flowers. There are a number of popular favorites you can opt for such as Sunflowers, Alyssum, Coleus, Poppies, Milkweed, Columbine and more.

You can always start with one type of flower, but opting for a pretty flower combination works really well. Remember, you need fresh cut flowers and make sure you get the right color, fragrance, shape, and size. Your goal should be simple elegance with your flower decorations.

Know Your Plan and Choose the Right Container

Do you want the flowers to be the centerpiece of your decor? You need a shallow vessel or bowl to reduce obstruction. Want to simply fill a spot on a desk? Then a taller vase could work. Lilies and gladiolas are a perfect pick for tall, narrow vases to keep them straight.

Preparing Your Flowers

Remember to keep your flowers in lukewarm water, mixed with a flower preservative once you get home. This keeps your flowers looking fresh before you get to preparation. Make sure that your flower vases are clean and only use clean water. You may need rubber gloves, a knife or clippers, flower shears, floral tape and a flower vase or container for flower preparation.

To prepare your flowers:

  • First, remove excess leaves that will fall below the water line to avoid bacteria build-up
  • Remove any thorns by using a sharp knife or clippers
  • Cut stems at a 45-degree angle to maximize water intake

Arranging Your Flowers

When it comes to arranging your flowers, you'll need to take small gradual steps that will ensure you achieve the desired arrangement for your home decor. Follow these steps:

Floral Arrangement Tips for Beginners
  • Start arranging your flowers from large, medium to small
  • For larger flowers, place them in the center
  • Smaller flowers can be placed on the outer parts of the arrangement
  • Fill in the extra spaces with foliage
  • Use floral forms/tape/frog to ensure flower stability or shape control
  • For a symmetrical arrangement, use shorter stems as you work your way from the center
  • Regularly take a step away while arranging your flowers to spot spaces that need to be filled
  • For narrow arrangements, you can use a rubber band to hold the stems together

Different types of flowers will have different recommended arrangements. For instance, when it comes to woody stems like cherry or dogwood, you'll want an asymmetrical spray arrangement. For roses, you'll want an arrangement that brings out the successive layer of color for a perfect, natural look.

Ongoing Care

To ensure that your flowers last longer and stay healthy, you'll need to take good care of them. While fresh cut flowers used for home decor will not last forever, you can use these simple flower care tips:

  • Keep them well-groomed by removing unwanted leaves
  • Change the water regularly
  • Preserve them with hairspray to prevent wilting
  • Don't mix fruit and flowers
  • Clean your flower vases regularly
  • Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight and appliances
  • Don't forget to replenish your flower preservative or food when you change the water

When arranging flowers for the first time, keep it simple. Practice a little bit more and be creative!

Alternative Choice For The Brave!

Those who like to think outside the box could opt for vegetable centerpieces instead of floral arrangements. This trend is sweeping the fashion-forward decorators more and more. Find a funky container to store your vegetable seeds for successful growth and once your vegetables have grown, your kitchen will ooze that modern farm charm.


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