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By Agnes

overexposed photo

As much as I love most everything about my unfinished place, including the unfinished-feel, the existing floors have some issues, both aesthetically and practically speaking (chief of them being broken tiles). 

Not sure why but I prefer not to be surrounded by a lot of color (especially not all the time). Or anything high maintenance, really. Tend to gravitate toward a minimalistic & distressed look, you know, where the inevitable scratch, spill or aging just isn't a problem. Somehow favor textures and tones over loud colors or patterns. Plus of course something that goes well with my existing furniture & walls would be nice. So the direction I am looking at is something like this... but we'll see how everything turns out:


Except Smokey doesn't look anything like that right now, he is still growing out his Summer haircut :-)

lions cut cat

Lucky for me I have a wood artist friend who does floors.

 His taste is way more out there than the borderline drab looks I prefer but he really knows his stuff so I should be in good hands. 

I think this is the only picture I have of what the floor looked like before: 

floor before

:: plus a few chipped corners & cracks here and there --  I never loved these tiles but main reason I wanted the them gone is the cracks & chips::

floor during

I'll take & post some proper non phone-camera photos when it's all done. 

Really hope I'll like the outcome. Gotta go pick up some paint.

Until next time,



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