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Floating Bicycle Roundabout Opens in The Netherlands

Posted on the 30 April 2013 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

The city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands has literally gone above and beyond in their quest to make bicycling convenient and yet compatible with car travel. With one quarter of transportation in the region done by bike, it was important to find a way that people could bike while not clogging up the A2, which is one of the most traveled highways in the country. Since slower bicycle riders can cause traffic jams, engineers found a way to avoid a major intersection by building a 30 degree floating crosswalk above the fray of traffic. It is estimated that 5,000 cyclists use the new pathway everyday. The YouTube clip below shows the giant ring, with one main support in the center allowing for the ring to hover without obstructing the highway or the ability drivers to see around them on the highway below.

It’s a rather simple idea, but one that shows how a little resourcefulness can ensure sustainable options for urban planning are available and implemented.


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