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Flavours of the Week #1

By Kelliciousxo @Kelliciousxo
I've decided to do a new feature every Friday, partially to help me wind down before a weekend of work, and to share all my new favorite things from the last week with you (hence Flavours of thw Week!) Technically, flavor of the week means I'll be over it come next Friday, but that probably won't be the case!
NEW LOOK S/S 2013 JEWELLERY Flavours of the week #1Topknot - Spike bracelet - Aztec earrings - Skull/cross braceletI've always seen New Look jewelry has a halfway point between the Opia range at Primark and Freedom range at Topshop, in terms of price and quality. They've definitely outdone themselves this season! I wasn't the biggest fan of neon last time it was 'in', but I have decided to give it a go this time round, as there really isn't nothing wrong with the trend if you find the right products! I won't lie, I may have already bought the neon earrings, floral topknot and bracelet :3 There's a lot of neon, triangles, spikes and feathers in the season's range, which is right up my street and definitely worth a look.

My housemate has played this song over and over again, and I swear it gets better every time I hear it. Fueled by Ramen supplied a majority of the soundtrack to my young teenage years (the likes of Paramore, Gym Class Heroes, VersaEmerge, P!ATD...you get the picture) and these guys are now a firm favorite of mine.
Flavours of the week #1
I've been looking for my go-to peachy/nude blusher for some time now, and decided to treat myself to my first MAC blush after finishing exams and coursework. I chose Style after reading many glowing reviews online and boy, have I found my holy grail! I may put up a review on here if I find the time - it's a buildable, natural shade that gives my cheeks some life and glow when I don't want to rose myself up.
Flavours of the week #1 Flavours of the week #1Exams and coursework have been the bane of my existence for the last 2 months, so the 2 week break we've had from hand-ins (which I am only half way through) has been a brilliant opportunity to sit around watching films and drinking tea non-stop. The hard work starts again next week (I have a house party tomorrow as well as work all weekend), sigh.
Flavours of the week #1

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