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Flashback: Coffee, Tea, Me?

By Cbhojwani

Life is a Journey and it’s the unpredictable incidents that stamp an indelible mark in our odyssey. Our story is no different as when our paths crossed, we encountered the unexpected. Flashback: Coffee, Tea, Me?Take for instance one of our first dates. Clean shaven and dressed to impress, I splashed on the Cool Water before trekking an hour and a half to the Taj Lands End in Bandra, Mumbai. Mrs. B welcomed me with a big hug before we shared a coffee and talked about everything under the sun. Things were going splendidly but alas, all good things must come to an end and so I asked for the bill. Being a gentleman, I offered to pay while Mrs.B, not being a gold-digger, insisted she would pay. I refused and reached for my wallet at which point she offered to pay for her share. Appreciative of the gesture, I declined before handing the waiter the cash along with the bill. With a big smile, I turned back to my date only she was no longer smiling. With her Chinese eyes popping wide and her petite frame shivering with rage, she spat through gritted teeth;
You’ve done it now!I shrugged my shoulders with confusion as I struggled to comprehend what she was angry about.Now you wait and see! You don’t know what you’ve done!Flashback: Coffee, Tea, Me?Fear ran through my entire body. The whites of her eyes were now bloodshot and I fully expected her clothes to shred as she transformed into a giant green monster! All this because I paid for a coffee!!!!? What the hell would she have done to me if I paid for dinner!? Oh wait, yep, she married me.
Marriage Tip No. 54: Whenever you pay, be sure you know what you're paying for!
Welcome to our INCREDIBLE Married Life.

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