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[email protected]#k You, Nike.

By Guerrillamom @mariaguido
F@#k you, Nike. 
American women brought home 58 of the country's 104 medals, and 29 of the 46 gold medals.  In other words, they kicked major ass.  What better way to celebrate these statistics, than by putting a shiny, sexist cliche on a snug fitting tee? They're gold diggers!  Get it?  Get it?
Oh my god, what is the BIG DEAL?  Why are we complaining about this - it is a funny, cute little play on words!  Don't you want one, ladies?
Nope.  I don't.  Let me explain why.  These messages matter, people.  They matter to our young women, who look up to these athletes.  They matter to the athletes themselves, who trained and worked and won, only to have their hair criticized and major news outlets photographing their tits and asses.  They matter. 
I guess considering the disappointing, sexist coverage of the games, this shirt - by the official outfitter - is a fitting bookend.
Call me a feminazi, but fuck you, Nike. 

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