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Five Ways to Show You Love Your Parents

By Jeska @WandererJeska

show You Love Your ParentsGrowing up we tend to distance ourselves with our parents. High school drama, college applications and job commitments veer us and take over our lives. One shouldn’t let the generation gap and parent’s authoritative control over their teenage years to hinder them from bridging the gap. It is important to make parents feel loved even after we become emancipated and financially independent.

Here are a few ways to show your parents that you love them unconditionally.

Tell them you love them often and if possible hug them

Pardon the cliché but telling your parents regularly that you love them is the best way to show your gratitude and appreciation for them. They wouldn’t ever get tired of listening.

How difficult is it to drop a call and text saying the simple yet sweetest words, ‘I love you guys’?

While you are at it, try to drop by at their place and give them a tight hug at the same time you convey your love. Most people do not like the idea of saying it loud, but at times, it becomes important to share your feelings through words.

Make time for family lunch or supper

Regardless of how busy your life is, you should take out time at least once every two weeks if not every week to arrange a family lunch or dinner. Parents love it when all their kids come together and spend time with them. Also, try to have your parents’ favorite meal so that they know you actually know and appreciate their choices. This is a small gesture but can make a huge difference. Also, having meals together will bring back memories and strengthen the family bond.

Go through the old photographs and videos with them

Though we can never understand the fascination our parents share remembering the embarrassing moments of our childhood, like when we pissed in our pants the first day of school or when we had red spots all over the body due to the chicken pox, those are the times that make them very happy.

These childhood moments might be embarrassing for us but for our parents those were the joyous times. So it will certainly make them happy when you take out time and go through the old photographs with them and watch the video of your first step or even listen to your childhood stories. In addition to this, you should show interest in their lives. Ask them how they met, get to know about their dating period etc. Not only will this bring you two together, but will help you learn from their experience.

Talk to them

Everyone wants to unload themselves of the troubles or share some exciting things going on in their lives every once in awhile. Your parents also look for an outlet where they can share these tiny details.

How difficult can it be for you to give them a call or an unannounced visit to talk to them? People in higher-level occupations see their parents almost three times less often than farmers, and only half as often as manual workers and clerical workers.

Ask your mother about any recipes she tried recently. Discuss the weekend baseball game with your dad or the latest outrageous speech by Donald Trump. Anything that is of interest to your parents, you should ask them about it and listen to their views avidly. Nothing gives a greater contentment than knowing that the other person is genuinely interested in hearing about their retired lives.

Talking goes both ways. You might not think sharing anything in your life, your problems, promotion etc. with your parents is important but you’d be surprised to know that they are very much interested in the smallest, most trivial details of what going in your life.

Surprise them with gifts

It is not about showing your love by giving expensive gifts. You don’t have to buy your mom a Tiffany ring or your dad the latest Escalade to show your love. A simple souvenir of Eiffel Tower from when you visited Paris for business or a limited edition car magazine is enough to establish your love for your parents. It shows that you remember them even with the busy schedule you have.

Gifts just don’t have to be reserved for special occasions like Mother’s day, Father’s day or Christmas. They also need to be meaningful and not just some expensive thing you get your assistant to choose for them. For instance, for your parent’s anniversary you can arrange for coupons for their favorite restaurant, or maybe a family photo collage. Simple things in life matter as long as they are thoughtful and sincere.

It is important that you show your love for your parents and not make them feel abandoned or left behind. Even if they appear to be meddlesome and controlling, you need to respect and cherish them because no matter how old you get, you are still their kid who they wish would never grow up so they could protect and pamper them for the rest of their lives.

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