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Five Uncomfortable Realities We Might See in the Xbox 720

Posted on the 02 April 2013 by Techdrink @techdrink1
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With the announcement of the release of Sony’s Playstation 4, it’s likely Microsoft are now scrambling to make their own announcement, or at least biding their time until E3 at the very latest. Sony is offering everything from better motion-control integration to a social sharing button on the PS4 controller itself. Microsoft has a lot to live up to, and the 360, while being an iconic and long-lasting console, has been plagued with issues since release. From the Red Ring of Death to many basic features depending on someone’s willingness to hand over cash for an Xbox Live Gold subscription, there always seemed to be something to moan about.  But then again, no console is perfect and the Xbox 360 still has a lot going for it (ie. Kinect). So what might we see this time around?

Xbox Logo1) The controller won’t change much

If they’ve got any sense at all, Microsoft will be well aware that the 360 controller is regarded as the best controller of all time by many gamers. PC gamers even choose it as their default controller and have started picking it for games over a mouse and keyboard (save for shooters, admittedly). While touch integration may be making an appearance on the Dualshock 4 controller, it still won’t be a match to the touchscreen responsiveness of today’s smartphones like iPhone 5, so if they’ve got any sense they’ll stick to the Surface-360 controller combination.

2) Windows 8 will define the 720′s Dashboard

You can see it even now on the 360 – Microsoft really are committed to their mosaic-inspired design for Windows 8, and it’ll no doubt make an appearance on the next Xbox. Despite the overwhelmingly negative feedback from users, it’s still a force to be reckoned with and while it might send you running, you might be best getting on with things if you want Microsoft’s next-gen tech. Or you might totally dig the tiled look on your next Xbox. However, if anything, we know for sure that some communities will always (always) find ways to circumvent this.

3) Xbox Live Gold will still be mandatory for an online experience

Xbox Live Gold is Microsoft’s gaming cash cow – it can’t be pirated, and it holds hostage features as basic as online multiplayer, access to video apps, and sending and receiving messages. If this ever disappeared Microsoft would change its image, but it won’t. What they can do instead is turn it into Playstation Plus – make everything free for Xbox Live Silver members, but offer discounts, beta access and free games to Gold members. That way, no one suffers, but those who subscribe benefit.

4) Kinect will never, ever go away

5) The console will cost a ton

Of course, we can never know for sure until Microsoft launches the next Xbox. Will they go the Sony way and deny us a box to look at? Will this be the real Playstation Killer? Time will soon tell.

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Five Uncomfortable Realities We Might See in the Xbox 720


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Five Uncomfortable Realities We Might See in the Xbox 720

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