Five Supercars You Didn’t Know Are Made in UAE

Posted on the 03 September 2018 by Abdulamex

The UAE is known for its exaggerated lifestyle and supercar that fell in the streets at any time. There are Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys and many different brands. These works of automotive craft start regularly from the European mainland, here and there in the United States. In any case, hold on for a minute, the UAE also has its own supercar scene. There are some superb cars that are well-liked and made in the UAE. To remind you, they also look good and go fast – like their European partners. If you think you can not afford to buy cars, there is still a better option to rent a car in Dubai from companies that work as their tenants to get the fixed relationship to earn money with services what called as car rental providers in Dubai. Whether you looking monthly rent a car or daily basis. Here are five such cars, have you seen them in town?

1. Zarooq Sand Racer 500GT

What is Zarooq Sand Racer? Is this an SUV? Is this a supercar? Consider this – while it does not look supercharger, it has a thunder V8 engine, carbon fiber body, and it can go as fast as 220kmh. If this supercar is not enough for you, we do not understand what will be enough for you.

2. Develop sixteen

5,000 torque. That’s all you need to think about the developer sixteen. If it’s angry, it’s a vehicle and sixteen would be. It comes with a V16 engine. It also has a very attractive body that affects it as if it had left a Batman movie.

3. Lykan Hypersport

Hypersport, working by the Dubai-based Lebanese organization W Motors, earned him a meaningful name. It was used by the Abu Dhabi police and has moved into a few computer games and flown over two high races in Abu Dhabi to the fast and furious 7 movie. It also has jewels in the headlight and gold saddle on the seats. It sounds like a UAE-made supercar.

4. Janarelly Design 1

Remember lately, is it worth remembering when cars are without the technology they have today? Janarelly Design 1 rakes back to the period of a body that gives special gestures to 60 thousand visitors. This UAE supercar is like having a good time frame.

5. Like Fenyr Supersport

Fenryr Supersport shows in the latest Dubai International Motor Show, the huge, terrible brother or sister of popular Hypersport. It weighs only 1,200 kg and can accelerate up to 400 kmh. Like Hypersport, the fennel is fast as it is excessive.

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