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Five Speedy Tricks To Get Over A “Fat Day”

By Beautyblogger @crowscupcell

{by} Sasha
Five Speedy Tricks To Get Over A “Fat Day”

We’ve all had that dreaded “fat day.” You wake up and feel…well, fat. Doesn’t matter if you’re pin-thin or curvy…happens to all of us (especially during big food fests like the typical post-Thanksgiving food extravaganza). It’s not so much a number on the scale as it is a mental thing (and midriff thing). You feel like you weigh two thousand pounds…and all two thousand pounds is located smack dab in your middle section. Yep. Nothing fits right or looks right, no matter how many outfits you try on. And while you’re frantically trying to find a pair of pants or skirt that doesn’t make you feel like a sausage, all the while you’re feeling like a big, bloated blob (no sugar coating here).

First things first…put down the stretchy, elastic waisted pants, ladies. Here are five sure-fire, speedy fixes to give your fat day its walking papers:

Pinpoint the culprit. Figure out the cause of your pudgy predicament. Was it the four extra dirty martinis you had during last night’s happy hour? Salt bombs such as those are guaranteed to leave you feeling plump. Or maybe it was that Texas-sized bacon cheeseburger with a double order of fries you had for dinner. No matter. A fat day is usually “mental” or “emotional,” so once you pinpoint the cause (e.g. guilt over finishing every crumb of that cheeseburger) you can move on to alleviating it.

It’s not them, it’s you. Next, know that most of it is in your head. While you might feel as big as a house, no one else is going to notice. Seriously. You could poll ten people you know and every single one of them would tell you that you look the same as you always do. So, relax. Throw on a cute (but comfortable) outfit and some bold lipstick and everyone (but you) will think you look like a million bucks.

Hit the gym. Nothing gets rid of that fat day feeling quicker than some hard-core cardio. Head to your gym before you start your day and sweat it out…literally.

Lighten up. When a fat day strikes, there’s nothing worse than that bloated, pudgy feeling. Instead of reaching for a sugary pastry and your normal caramel latte (that’s more like a meal in and of itself), opt for plain coffee and a single piece of fruit (fruit is mostly water, so this will serve as a healthy, filling breakfast without making your waistline feel even plumper).

Keep it clean. As for the rest of the day, keep your food intake super clean (if Bugs Bunny can do it, so can you). Think natural foods: a handful of almonds as a snack; a simple salad for lunch; and fish and veggies for dinner. Also eat super small portions (a deck of cards is the right size for each food group). No carbonated beverages. And shoot for drinking at least 64 ounces of water. Between the clean food and smaller portions, by the time you meet your date at 7 PM, your middle section will feel more slender and that ‘fat day’ feeling will be long gone.

So, the next time a fat day shows up at your doorstep, rest assured she won’t stick around long. You’ll be able to send her packing, pronto, with these pudge fighters and slip into your favorite skin-tight jeans by mid afternoon…

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