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Five Reasons You Should Travel With A Carry On

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Carry On Travel
I have been making a case for 'traveling light' and only taking a carry-on for all trips which are for 7 days or less. I have not been successful in converting my friends or family but I am hoping my readers will see my point better. You'll look stylish during your travels (check my post here), and have everything you require plus love the ease. 

You’ll embrace the simplicity. You really don’t need that much crap when you travel. How many times have you gone away and only worn a handful of items while everything else just took up space in your bag? Becoming a more minimalist packer provides a respite from all of our consumerist habits. Plus, it’ll make getting dressed in the morning an absolute breeze.
Ease of transportation. You’re much more mobile if you just have a carry-on, making it easy to get around. Getting on a crowded train, bus, or subway in a new city is stressful enough without having to haul a ton of luggage. Having one bag can also save oodles of money as taking local transportation to and from the airport is more feasible and the cash you save on taxis can be put to better use on your travels.
Less hassle at the airport. Airports can be miserable places at times. Long lines, disgruntled personnel, and overpriced food. Bringing carry-on only alleviates a lot of the stress brought on by airports; get your boarding pass in advance so you can just walk to your gate without the hassle of dropping off your luggage; if you have layovers in the US, you won’t have to pick up your luggage and recheck it again, which is a major time and sanity saver if you have a short stop before your connecting flight; and you’ll never worry about your bags being lost in transit again!
Easier to keep track of. Having one manageable bag is easier to keep an eye on when you’re en route to your accommodation or heading back to the airport. If you’re on a crowded subway during rush hour or walking through a busy street to find your hotel, holding one bag securely will be less risky than trying to manage several, especially if you’re traveling somewhere with high levels of petty theft. Also, you won’t be immediately pegged as a tourist than if you’re schlepping around several wheelie bags.
No waiting for bags. This is my favorite carry-on only advantage. Don’t waste your prime travel time standing around a conveyer belt hoping that you’re bag will be in the next round. It’s a fantastic feeling to jump off the plane and bypass all of those suckers waiting for their luggage. Beat the rush to exit the airport and get on with your travels sooner than everyone else.

I hope I have convinced you to give it a try. Start with a long weekend trip and then challenge yourself for a week-long getaway. Once you start you will only wanna check-in your bags under duress. Haha!  Carry On Travel Carry On Travel Carry On Travel Carry On Travel Location - Union Station, D.C.
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