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Five on Friday: Mini-Mini Movie Edition

By Daisyjd

You know how you stumble across great videos that people post online and you watch them and they make you laught or think or what have you…and then you forget about them, never to be seen again? Well I figured I’d share five (with a bonus, which my math says is actually 6) of my favorite online videos, some old and some new. Lets do this!


1. An oldie but a goodie…this Jimmy Fallon/Emma Stone lip sync throw down is amazing. I’ve watched it at least 5 times.

2. I am not sure if you are familiar with the Beagle Freedom Project, but as it turns out, beagles are one of the most used animals for animal testing of products. These videos have me seriously rethinking my purchase of products tested on animals (I’m ashamed to admit it isn’t something I’d pondered much previously). Anyway, as a proud beagle owner and animal lover, these have grabbed my heart and are worth a watch for the heartwarming end!

3. Kristen Bell and the infamous sloth episode on Ellen. Sorry I’m not sorry, this is never not funny.

4. Chicagoans read Trip Advisor reviews. This is fantastic for SO MANY reasons, including being the perfect cap on our terrible winter, and the fact that a friend of mine is them. I watched this…more times than I care to admit. “VERY MARGINAL!” is my favorite quote from it all.

5. Celebrities read mean tweets about themselves. Oh man this is good.

Bonus Extra: This video makes me feel good about myself whenever I watch it. I KNOW YOU CAN BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. THUMBS UP FOR ROCK AND ROLL.

So there you have it a mini-mini video Five on Friday edition. Enjoy your long weekend! (Linking up here)

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