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Five on Friday: Mama’s Girl

By Daisyjd

Lets do this again…five on Friday, shall we?


One & Two: comparison photos of Gracie and I around the ageo of 1. First me:



General observations: I had more hair (not by much), fewer teeth (by a lot) and much bigger feet.

For comparison, some Gracie pictures:


Three: There are rumors of spring like weather on the horizon. I will believe it when I see it, but if it happens over the weekend, you will find us at the park, zoo, anywhere outside without four layers, scarves and heavy coats.

Four: April is a crazy month for us with a lot of travel and visitors. I’m exhausted thinking about it but I’m having fun working on Gracie’s Easter basket. One toy and a some books are on the list, but I have a lot of fun scouring through all the kids books for titles she is sure to love. She is really into books that ask questions (answered with no, of course), books with flaps or tactile pages. I need some new books to break up the monotony of Is Your Mama a Llama, Dear Zoo, Are You a Cow, Brown Bear Brown Bear, and That’s Not My____.

Five: Some new recipes have made it into our rotation. Short rib cobbler was a total hit, even Gracie enjoyed some of the veggies in it. Now that spring is on the horizon I broke out our favorite Smitten Kitchen peas and alfredo pasta recipe (in her cookbook) and yup, still as good as I remember. Coming soon: asparagus salad, another spring favorite.

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