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Five Myths About Waxing

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
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I have been waxing my hands and legs for as long as I can remember. Since puberty, I suppose. I did try shaving a couple of times in my early 20s but soon after realized it was not for me. All the cuts, and burns were just not worth it. I went back to waxing and have been happy ever since. Waxing The City

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Waxing The City
As someone who has been sharing her personal beauty regimes and tips, I often get asked from other women who have never waxed: To wax or not to wax? While Body hair removal is completely a personal choice, and should not be done for any other reason except personal satisfaction. However, if you do decide you want to go the waxing route this summer, I am here to bust the most common myths about getting it done! The good news is that not everything you’ve read or heard is all true. 

MYTH 1: Waxing Makes Your Hair Grow Back Thicker

Both long and short term, waxing regularly can drastically change your hair. Many believe that removing the hair on a regular basis will cause it to grow back thicker and darker than before. In fact, the results are to the contrary and hair grows back finer, more sparse and the rate of growth is also slowed. This makes waxing less painful and therefore it definitely pays to wax regularly.

MYTH 2: You Need Long Hair to Wax

It’s easy to imagine that if the hairs are too short, the waxing agent won’t be able to get enough grip. In reality, longer hair can actually make the waxing hurt more. In order for the wax to grip body hair, you need approximately a quarter of an inch, or 4mm. For brows, you need about an eighth. No need to break out the ruler; this isn’t an exact science. As you become more experienced, you’ll know what works for you.
Waxing The City

MYTH 3: Waxing Always Hurts

Since you're pulling hair out from the root, waxing isn't going to feel like getting a massage. The bottom line is that everyone reacts different to waxing so the pain level varies from person to person. That being said, the technician's technique also plays a factor in how much discomfort you'll feel.
When scheduling your wax appointment you should also take your cycle into consideration. You might find that the skin is more sensitive during period and the few days leading up to it, so you experience more pain than you would on other days of the month.

MYTH 4: Waxing harms the skin

While waxing may cause some minor side effects such as inflammation and the dreaded ‘plucked chicken look’, these will disappear within hours. Waxing does not cause long-term damage to the skin - it even exfoliates and benefits the top layer of skin.
Waxing The City

MYTH 5: Waxing prevent the formation of ingrown hair

Ingrown hairs refer to the hair that grows up and curls back into the skin after a hair removal process. This commonly affects those people who have thick and frizzy hair.
The popular understanding is that if you choose to wax over shaving for your regular hair removal sessions, ingrown hairs could be done away with. This isn’t true. Whether you choose to wax, epilators or shaving, ingrown hairs can turn up, irrespective of the procedure. With proper moisturizing and exfoliation you can prevent the growth of ingrown hairs.

Waxing The City

The effects of waxing can last up to 3-4 weeks and this improves the more regularly you wax. We recommend maintaining a routine of getting a wax every 3-4 weeks so that your hair gets into a cycle and so that your wax is as effective as possible. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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