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Five Friday Facts: China’s Great Green Leap Forward

Posted on the 03 June 2011 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

Five Friday Facts: China’s Great Green Leap Forward

  • As of 2007 China generated 8 gigatons of carbon dioxide annually (which amounts to 6 tons/person). In addition, there were 21 cars per every 1,000 people.
  • As a point of comparison for the previous fact, the United States produced 7 gigatons annually in 2007, with 451 cars per every 1,000 people. Canada generated 24 metric tons of carbon dioxide per person.
  • In 2008, China led the world in renewable energy production generating 537 billion kilowatt-hours (bkwh), 20% of their total energy needs. Wind and hydroelectric are the leading sources of renewable energy.
  • China is followed by the US (393 bkwh), Canada (390 bkwh), and Brazil (385 bkwh) in terms of top renewable energy producers.
  • 2030 forecasts predict that 70% of China’s energy will come from coal, double the amount of coal used now.

Source: June 2011 issue of National Geographic

Image source: Metropolitan Museum of Art

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