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Five Common Foods That Can Worsen Your Tinnitus

Posted on the 21 November 2017 by Cheekymeeky

Tinnitus is a constant ringing noise in ears and people who have tinnitus know how difficult it is to control and minimize its effects. Unlike other disorders, tinnitus never truly goes away and the symptoms vary from person to person. There are many ways to control tinnitus but most people agree that what we eat affects the severity of this nuisance and by removing certain foods from our diet; we can actually reduce and control tinnitus to a great extent. Your doctor must have already told you about the importance of a good diet if you are suffering from tinnitus but if you are not aware then don't worry because we are here to help you out.

Listed below are some foods that should be completely avoided if you want to control tinnitus:

Caffeine is not a good choice if you suffer from tinnitus. The reason is pretty simple as caffeine restricts the blood flow and causes elevated blood pressure. When blood is restricted to the head, eyes and ears, tinnitus can aggravate. The amount intensity is however not very severe and depends from person to person. The studies regarding caffeine and the way it affects tinnitus conflict and not everyone agrees that it worsens tinnitus. You probably can have caffeine if your doctor gives you the thumbs up but don't overdo. Moderation is the key to a healthier life and this should be the cornerstone of all the decisions you make if you decide to include caffeine in your diet.

This is especially relevant to people who have diabetes along with tinnitus as they are more likely to feel sugar worsening the ringing in their ears. Increasing sugar in your diet will lead to increased glucose levels and this can affect your blood supply. When blood supply is not proper, it does not reach your brain adequately and this can worsen your tinnitus as studies show. The same is true for any kind of artificial sweeteners that have some compounds that sometimes might aggravate your tinnitus. So it is better to stay away from sugar and artificial sweeteners at any form if you want any relief from tinnitus.

Saturated fats are single chained hydrocarbons that are present in foods like cheese, butter, fried foods, red meat etc. In general, any food that is full of saturates fats (generally fast food) is not good for your Tinnitus and can aggravate your situation. The other thing you need to be careful and avoid these kinds of foods completely. Many studies agree that having excess if saturated fats can encourage an unhealthy lifestyle and this can in turn worsen the ringing in your years. Instead of binge eating fast food, try and replace them with healthier alternatives like you can have cottage cheese (avoid if lactose intolerant), leafy vegetables etc to get tinnitus under control.

Sodium does aggravate tinnitus according to many studies and should be taken in absolute moderation. Excess salt leads to high blood pressure and this affects blood flow as blood vessels contract, restricting blood flow. When the blood circulation in not proper in your brain and ears. When this happens, you will be able to hear your heartbeat as tinnitus becomes louder. Avoid fast food and processed food to lessen the ringing.

This is debated as it has been found that alcohol aggravates the condition in only a few tinnitus patients. Alcoholic beverages generally have sugar and this causes dehydration if taken in excess. This in turn leads to high blood pressure and therefore it is advisable to avoid alcohol if you suffer from tinnitus.

These were the five foods that you should avoid if you suffer from any form of tinnitus. They might help you live a more peaceful life and therefore you need to at least try them once. Do tell us your thought by commenting below!

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