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Five Beneficial Things That Could Prolong Your Beloved Pet’s Life

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

Anyone who owns a beloved cat or pet wishes to achieve one goal - that he or she has a prolonged and healthy life. With these five tips, we can show you just how to do that:

Feeding Your Pet A High-Quality Diet

Pets, who are fed a high-quality diet, enjoy healthy skin, a shiny coat, and sparkly eyes. A proper diet can help with strengthening your pet's immune system, boost their mental acuity, keeping muscles and joints healthy, assist them with maintaining good intestinal health, and much more.

Helping Your Pet Maintaining A Healthy Weight And Staying Lean

Pets who are overweight are at risk of contracting a myriad of health problems. Obesity is one of the number one nutritional diseases found in pets presently, and studies have revealed that being obese or overweight can shorten your cat or dog's life span by at least two years. Why? Being overweight can put your pet at risk of heart disease, diabetes, joint disease, and other severe health issues.

Taking Your Pet For Regular Check-Ups To His Veterinarian

All pets, including dogs and cats alike, necessitate frequent, ongoing veterinary care. However, veterinary care goes beyond just his or her routine vaccinations, but they are essential, though. A periodic examination by the veterinarian can help evaluate your pet's overall health and uncover health issues that you may not have been taking notice of. In many instances, early detection and diagnosis improve the probability of a successful treatment plan. Early diagnosis can also end up being a less costly endeavor for you than postponing until your pet's illness has escalated to such an extent that treatment becomes more comprehensive. Check out Fuzzy Rescue for more articles relating to the welfare of cats and dogs.

Keeping Your Pet's Mouth Healthy And Clean

A regular issue among both cats and dogs that pet owners often have to face are oral health issues and dental disease that can be the cause of a lot of pain and discomfort as well as their pet having difficulty in eating. If left untreated, such oral health problems may even lead to more severe issues like kidney and heart disease. In addition to frequent dental check-ups, the most important and effective means of taking care of your pet's mouth is by brushing his or her teeth with special dog toothpaste at home. Never brush a pet's teeth with regular toothpaste since it can be toxic for them. If your pet does not like toothbrushes that much, you can opt for other alternatives like treats, dental diets, and toys. Speak to your veterinarian about what he would recommend.

Do Not Permit Your Pet To Roam Unsupervised

Permitting your dog to roam free may seem like a good idea and that you are doing him or her favor. On the contrary, pets that roam are more prone to dangers that include car accidents, exposure to a contagious disease, predation, exposure to poisons, etc. In addition, allowing them to roam unsupervised, may get you on the wrong foot with neighbors if your pet decides to dig up their garden or relieves himself on their lawn.

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