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Fit That's a Hit [denim, Etc.]

By Mdrcasual @meganrutledge

I remember the beggining of high school, when designer denim had made its impression on the world, and it was something everyone who was anyone wore on friday's. Mind you, I went to a private all girls school that only allowed us to wear denim on Friday's with a fee (+$5 dollars to wear that went to charity). Seven's, Citizen's, True Religion's (for the more adventurous) were the usual suspects. Of course I tried the brand that I thought looked best on my body, thanks to having a denim haven close to my house-- I remember wearing Joe's jeans and how great they were-- soon thereafter my schoolmates added them to the list of trending brands.
Fit that's a Hit [denim, etc.]
That said, I love trying new denim out. Henry & Belle might be my newest obsession. The first pair I bought was the toile-esque navy pants-- I figured it was a pipe dream for them to actually look good because toile print + navy= too good to be true. But I was wrong! They fit like a dream and are unique to any other pants out there--which I love. The brown stretch leather-esque pair is another wardrobe staple and are similarly shaped but with much more give. I'm dying to try out their bootcut flared denim (my favorite denim cut for my body type) because I love their skinny jean style, which I seldom love wearing.
Fit that's a Hit [denim, etc.]

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