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First Thing … New York

By Raghavmodi @raghavmodi
First Thing … New York

Continuing my series where I ask people about the “First thing that comes to your mind when I say…(insert country/city/place)”,

this time I decided to ask everyone about New York. A city I visited as a child and don’t remember much of, but one that has been an iconic city because of its people, films, monuments, buildings, parks, and a few more reasons that you will find below. For me New York is a city I want to photograph in black and white, it is a city that I want to visit to spot celebrities walking along us mere mortals, it is a city I want to interact with, eat a hot dog in, watch a Broadway show in, ride the subway in, and lastly watch it light up again, night after night, overcoming all that it has suffered.   

First Thing … New York

Photo - Kai Kroller

Here is what others think about New York… TWITTER Andrew Kendall ‏@DepartedAviator Martin Scorsese's underrated near-masterpiece NEW YORK, NEW YORK.
Rebecca ‏@bexter2001 Yellow taxi cab Marcus Woolcott ‏@Gyropitus Gremlins Leah Hather ‏@LeahHather Broadway Kost ‏@kostmayer Spiderman#NewYork Joel Ney ‏@joel_ney home. 3guys1movie ‏@3guys1movie Yankees Suck ;-) PensPaper ‏@PensPaperToo Birkenhead (yes, the one across the Mersey from Liverpool) I'm sure you know the link between Birkenhead & NY! Joe Giuliano ‏@2dudereview new year's Stephanie Clayton @stephmashor Big apple. Seinfeld. Friends. Woody Allen. arcane movie tees ‏@ArcaneMovieTees Hotdog R. ‏@meetneo actually it would be the movie 'u've got mail' Framed Panda ‏@FramedPanda The opening montage in Woody Allen's MANHATTAN. Kim Serrahn ‏@ByrneingUP Food Lynn R ‏@Poochface New York (sorry I couldn't resist) NUTS4R2 ‏@nuts4r2 Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Jules Munshin in sailor suits. R. ‏@meetneo umm bagel and coffee CindyRichards ‏@CindyRichards Theater. Quirky Travel ‏@quirkytravel Cagney and Lacey. Which is strange. Charlie Brigden ‏@sharksarecool King Kong OneSharpDame ‏@OneSharpDame New York = living art

First Thing … New York

Photo - Rasika Narain

FACEBOOK Arch Hoffman - Frank Sinatra Gagandeep Hira - Empire state Building Marcelline Block - Home Sweet Home! Sehar Nazir - Stunning apartments - my future home.  Mandira Khanna - Cosmopolitan... Sandeep Lakhina - Busy city with lots to do Vipul Swarup - Stinky subway Christos Popadopoulos - Crowds and bagels Jayashri Lahiri Jones - Metropolitan opera, Broadway... and complete order in the face of chaos. 

First Thing … New York

Photo - Vipul Swarup

There you have it... just as diverse answers as the city of New York. I personally loved how cinema merged so beautifully with the city in a number of answers.  What do you think of the city... do tell.

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