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First They Gerrymandered, Then Voter ID Laws and Now This

Posted on the 06 December 2018 by Morage @kebmebms

First, there was gerrymandering--sculpting out voting districts from your state that benefits your own political party.
Both parties did it, sure, but then the Republicans decided it was one helluva great idea so they REALLY went with it. They carved up their constituents voting districts so it put the 8 ball in their corner pocket, time and again, getting them elected.
This is how gerrymandering works.
Image result for gerrymandering And here's an example:
Image result for gerrymandering
Then? Next?
They decided that wasn't enough, they scare the people and tell them there were people out there--"fereners", illegals, illegal immigrants and others who were trying and lying to vote, left and right.
And the best way to stop it? The best way to stop these people from voting illegally?
Why, we got yer voter ID laws right here, folks, right here in River City.
Forget that all hard data on it, time and again, state to state, across the nation, down through time shows there is extremely little to no vote fraud going on. Forget that, ignore that. It's surely "out there." They're out there, just waiting to vote illegally. Sure they are.

Myth of Voter Fraud 

 Brennan Center for Justice

The Success of the Voter Fraud Myth

The Myth of Voter Fraud - 

Cornell University Press

So enact voter ID laws they did and they have and they still are. Everything they can do to disenfranchise people who aren't likely to vote for Republican.
And who are those people?  Glad you asked. They are
  • the elderly (unless they're already-wealthy)
  • the poor
  • minorities
  • the physically-challenged
At minimum.
And when you add those four groups together, that can be a great deal of people, a great deal of fellow Americans, denied the right to vote.
But again, they've done it and they're doing it, and all across states and the nation.
Now? Next? That's not enough so now what are they doing?
Outrageous GOP Lame Duck Power Grabs in NC, MI and Especially WI: 'BradCast' 12/4/2018

Wisconsin Republicans approve bill to weaken Democrats' power 

So get this.
They lost. In at least 3 states, North Carolina, Michigan and Wisconsin Republicans lost.
They had all that gerrymandering and voter ID laws going for them, taking away votes from fellow Americans, tax-paying citizens but they still lost.
So what do they do?
At the last minute, before they're summarily thrown out of office---by the electorate, by the voters--they rush to put in place new laws that strip power from the incoming--Democratic--office holders.
Understand, folks. These people who do this--and yes, they're all in the Republican Party, factually--are not out there for the people first. They're not out there for their constituents first. They're not out there for their District or state or the nation first. No, sir and ma'am, they absolutely are not.
They are out there for themselves and for their political party, above all. They are "party firsters", for sure.
Worse than that, far worse, they are out there for the political party first AND last.
Vote wisely, folks.
Vote carefully.

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