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First Look at Hidden Beneath (Into the Deep 2)

By Lauryn April @LaurynApril
First Look at Hidden Beneath (Into the Deep 2)My first novel "Into the Deep" ended with Ivy Daniels coming to terms with her telepathic ability. The sequel "Hidden Beneath" will be out this summer and it picks up roughly a year and a half later. Ivy's junior year of high school has come and gone, but mysteries and dangerous situations havn't completely left her behind. Now as Ivy prepares for college she'll find herself pulled into a whole new adventure.
For more information on the first book of this series, "Into the Deep" check out it's Goodreads page here. And, for a (unedited) sneak peak at "Hidden Beneath" keep reading.
My chest felt weighted as my breaths grew more labored. I ignored the heat that raced up my calves, ignored the frightened shivers that traced down the back of my neck, screaming to turn and run the other way. I hadn’t had the dream in months, and in truth I thought that I was free of it. Maybe it was having my emotions running high that brought it back out, maybe it was seeing Brant again, but for whatever reason as I napped in the car, the memory of that day at the school morphed into a horrific nightmare, and played over in my head.
I was running. The hallway seemed endlessly long, as if it were being stretched out with every step I took, as if I could never reach the other end. My heart was pounding, my lungs heaving, and a bead of sweat rolled from my hairline to the tip of my nose. I could see the gym, it was just ahead of me but I felt like I’d never reach it. I needed to run faster, I was too slow, it wasn’t enough. Panic pulsed through my body and I tried to run faster. My shoes squeaked against the tile floor. I tried to do better. The smell of basketball rubber, and wood floor cleaner reached my senses.
“Wait,” I shouted, and for a moment the distance between me and the gym door lessened. I had to get there, I had to get in. He was in the locker room, and I had to stop him. I had to save him. I pushed forward. My hand was on the door to the gym. Then with a deep breath I pushed it open.
“Ivy, wake up,” a voice said.
I felt pressure on my arm and then quickly the dream vanished into a blur. My eyes opened and I realized I was in the Camaro. The smell of warn leather floated into my senses and my head was slumped against the window. Shooting pain coursed through my neck as I straightened myself out. I was in desperate need of a good stretch and rolled my shoulders back and cracked my neck to try and make up for not having enough room to do it properly.
Looking around I saw that we were parked outside a small motel. Endlessly tall trees shot up out of the ground and pine cones littered the dirt parking lot. It was called the Fernwood Motel, and while it appeared to have a fresh coat of paint on its surface nothing could hide the retro 70’s architecture with its tilted roof and small windows.
“I figured we’d rest for a bit here, get cleaned up then maybe get a bite to eat?”
I nodded. “Yeah, okay.”
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