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First Creek Canyon

By Thebangtoddowenwaldorf @BangLiving

The turned the ignition and the engined tried but the car didn’t start.  I left the key turned First Creek Canyon - Todd Owen Waldorfin the ignition and turned the steering wheel to the right so that the large opening allowed my left arm to easily fit through the opening in the top.  With my right hand I lifted up the rear backseat and I removed a plastic fitting.  I took a sawed off pool stick in my right hand and placed the butt of it on the top of the device that was under the plastic fitting.  With my left hand I turned the key i the ignition and the car failed to turn-over.  Holding the key steadily, with the car engine revving, I began to hit the end of the pool stick into the device that was connected to the top of the gas tank.  The car turned over.  I gave it some gas and put the pool stick away.  After putting the car in drive I began driving toward the canyon.

First Creek Canyon - Todd Owen Waldorf
I’m not going to go into the details of the walk toward the mouth of the canyon.  I’ll keep it simple.  I didn’t get lost this time.  There were two other cars along the shoulder of the road.  A sign read Beware of Flash Floods.  Don’t Venture One Hour Before or After Rainstorm.  I walked through the cactus and rock littered desert.  It was a large expanse level with the bottom of an enormous mountain system ahead.  That is what I was walking to.  There was a cleared out path.  About two to six people venture the path a day judging by the fact I spent three to four hours out there today and saw three other people the entire time.  They were walking back.  I was walking forward.  I didn’t stop.  I ventured off of the created path.  I saw a cliff.  I saw a way to climb down.  I hugged the rock face as I made my way down.

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