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Fireworks in My Bedroom

By Floridagirlinsydney
Clearly tonight's Australian Idol Finale was a knock-off of last year's epic Adam vs. Chris- American-Idol-Grand-Finale-Palooza. We were laying in bed watching it live from the The Sydney Opera House. The most painfully boring season ev-ah (I turn all Aussie on y'all just like that, yo) finally ending-- hooray (I'm only speaking for myself on that, I know people who were into it, I just wasn't one of them).
And through our thin crank-out windows there's a thunderous grumbling coming from outside. And like so many other times in the last 2.5 years we've been in Sydney, it took about sixty seconds to recognize the sound of muffled fireworks from a couple kilometers (that's about a mile the way the crow flies) away.
We don't call my husband Big Daddy for nothing, he's the only one (well it was just me and him, but whatever) who realizes we're watching the fireworks live on tv as we sit wondering what "that noise" is outside.
We run up to the third story, from which we watch the fireworks spectacular above the treetops. And through the crevice of two trees we can see the The Sydney Harbour Bridge.   And once again I remember-- I live here, I live here and it's still so surreal sometimes.
With views like this from our playroom the reality of our adventure here, our life changing experience, hits us like a ton of bricks-- like in a good way.
Incredibly, only an hour later someone's put it all up on youtube-- what a world, man, what a world.

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