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Firefighter Careers – Things to Consider

Posted on the 05 October 2012 by Firecareers

It isn’t easy to become a firefighter. Even after you have become qualified, competition for jobs is fierce and nothing is guaranteed.

If you’re thinking about firefighter careers, here are a few things to consider:

The unique challenges of firefighter careers

Candidates looking into firefighter careers have to weigh up several factors that people in other jobs do not. For example:


  • Time commitment – becoming a firefighter can take years
  • Education – formal training or a Fire Sciences degree puts you one step ahead.
  • Family – if you have a family, the schedule can be intense. It’s worth considering whether all that time away from them is worth it.
  • Expense – becoming a firefighter costs money. There are college, books, uniforms and many other expenses.

Firefighter careers put your life at risk

It may seem obvious, but many people considering the fire service don’t consider the risk to their own life. While all fire service professionals are highly trained and extremely fit, it’s still a possibility.

Considered all these things and still want to get hired as a firefighter? It sounds like this is the career for you. Good luck!

Firefighter careers – things to consider

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