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Fire Klinsmann!

By Thetoaststaff
Just kidding.
But seriously though, Bob Bradley earned three wins from his first three matches - Jurgen has earned zero. In fact, Bob didn't earn his second loss with the USMNT until they played Paraguay in July of '07, 13 matches into his tenure. Bradley's record at that time: 10-2-1.
Bob Bradley won 10 games before tallying the same number of losses and draws Klinsmann has produced in three.

Have a look at Jurgen's most recent failure:

It wasn't all bad (yes it was).  It had its moments (no it didn't).
But maybe we shouldn't focus on Jurgen's lack-of-wins.  Maybe we should focus on FIFA's policy against American goals.  Maybe we should focus on how Alexi Lalas managed to cram 1.5 kilos of smug where his brain should be.  Yeah, let's focus on that.  What a douche.

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