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Fiona Hare: Keep Me Wild

By Angel Russell @sergeantsparrow
Fiona Hare: Keep Me Wild Fiona Hare: Keep Me Wild

“How do you live without love?” Fiona Hare asks that question in her new album “Keep Me Wild.” Her music is honest folk with a slightly swing/Americana style, and a sparseness that makes you feel as if she’s in the room playing her sad songs just for you. Her instrumentation is guitar, piano, drums, organ, and synths. Her vocals are soft and slow like honey. They are emotive and deep and her melodies stay in your head for days. Some of the songs such as Black Dog, have a guttural raw feel, both tragic and beautiful at the same time.  Her piano and drums seems to come in at just the right time to help build the track into a powerhouse of emotion and drive. You’ll want to listen “Keep Me Wild” all over again after you hear it once. You can get her record on Bandcamp for free. Have a listen below:

Fiona Hare: Keep Me Wild

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By Lorraine Falcon
posted on 04 April at 03:38

Great song writing skills, enjoyed the listen a lot!

By Ronny Gamble
posted on 03 April at 05:20

Pretty cool music here! talented artist!

By Page Herzog
posted on 03 April at 03:56

Love her music very much, it touches me!