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Fine Dissaray 2

By Alternativeeden @markngaz
Standing at the back door, looking out into the garden while holding a hot mug of tea I saw this sight (and fortunately the camera was nearby too!):

Fine Dissaray 2

March 2012, with some new plants for this year

Which reminded of a previous blog post I wrote autumn last year when I was preparing the garden for the then coming winter months.

Fine Dissaray 2

The same spot October 2011

And now it's become the other way around and we're preparing the garden for spring and the summer months ahead. From one dissaray to another, this time plants are starting to go back out into the garden again and pots are either being put back where they were last year, rearranged, or repositioned.
Some plants are looking weary for being through winter, either indoors or out. Whilst some remained pristine which is great! Those looking a bit scruffy should start to recover now that it's warming up and daylight is longer.
There are lots to do, and lots to sort out. And I'm excited!! Looking forward to everyday that I can go out there and do some gardening. The clocks are moving forward this weekend, which means we also gain an extra hour of daylight in the evenings. Which means an extra hour of gardening with the sun still out once we get back home from work.
Some people moan that we lose an hour of our precious weekend, I say we gain an extra hour to garden after work everyday now till October. Wonderful!!
Mark :-)

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