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Fine Disarray 3

By Alternativeeden @markngaz
Spring preparation of the garden is definitely now in full swing starting this weekend, the first weekend in a very long time that felt truly warm (well relatively speaking, considering the British norm) and spring like.

A type of weekend and weather that has been overdue, long overdue. I'm grateful that spring seems to have finally arrived but the effects of its late arrival are definitely there and still feels a bit strange (more on that later...).

Fine Disarray 3

So this is the view of the garden for most of the weekend, coming out from the back door and into the top patio nearest to the house. I have featured this view a couple of times (One and Two) before hence the title being number three already.

Fine Disarray 3

Some plants are now out, so are the tools...

There's always an element of theatrics to any garden especially during the growing season, from spring till early autumn and there is lots of preparation in the run up to it (and ongoing during that period although usually not as intense). If I had a magic wand I could just have waved it and everything would be tidied up and look ready for the warmer months but alas such a thing doesn't exist.

Fine Disarray 3

Old fronds of ground ferns have all been removed, ready for their fresh and new ones to make this area lush again.

But would gardening be as enjoyable if maintenance and preparation could be done so instantly? I don't think so, and with that thought I'm glad that magic wand doesn't exist (actually it does, it's called 'hiring a gardener'). A huge part of the appreciation for gardening is the enjoyment of its continuing process.

Fine Disarray 3

Even the ducks have been enjoying the water and sun earlier today!

So with that in mind, bits and pieces are scattered here and there temporarily. Some areas are tidy already whilst others still needs some attention. And whilst you do more, you spot more that needs extra attention you didn't anticipate before and the 'to do' list gets even longer...

Fine Disarray 3

Pots of bananas, Musa basjoo and Musa sikkimensis acclimatising to life outside. We need to decide whereto place them this year.

But we'll get there. we always do. Most gardeners do.

And whilst pottering this weekend three thoughts stood out in mind on why spring this year feels a bit strange.

First, it's almost the middle of April and a lot of deciduous trees, shrubs, and perennials are still dormant. Or at least just in bud. Usually they are in leaf or have sprouted by now but no not this time. So despite what the calendar says it feels like we're gardening in the middle of March rather April.

Fine Disarray 3

A curious sight in the garden, Rheum palmatum leafing out.

Second, decision making regarding planting schemes and the fate of some plants (those that were damaged by the winter) has to be delayed longer than usual.

Third, we haven't visited any nursery or plant fair since February. Usually we've visited two to three by now but not this year (actually we did visit Crews Hill Gardening Club last Easter weekend but it's not really a nursery as such, more like a garden centre). 

Blame it all on the weather.

Fine Disarray 3

This fern one is raring to escape the pot and into the ground (Sphenomeris chinensis)

But the warm-ish weather has finally arrived and spring is going to explode. With everything delayed here, spring burst of life is going to be compressed in a short period of time rather than in a  succession like in most years. Is it going to be a dramatic spectacle to behold, or a manic and rushed event that you are likely to miss some of them in a blink of an eye?

We'll have to wait and see, it may happen any moment now. It can even happen this coming week (whilst we're at work, oops!).

Mark :-)

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