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Finding & Fixing CSS Spacing Issues with Dev Tools

By Geoff Griffiths @mmatraining1980

One of the things I’ve found a bit of a ball ache as a developing developer, is sorting out spacing i.e. padding and margin issues when creating pages using Magento.

For example, let’s say I want to change the spacing above an image.

Best thing I’ve found to do to find the margin or padding that I want to change:

  • Right click on image – choose Inspect Element
  • In the “styles” tab of dev tools, look for margin and padding styles

In this instance, it’s not the image, or the images div or container that’s causing the spacing that I don’t want:

Finding & Fixing CSS Spacing Issues with Dev Tools

In this instance, I click on the “Div” or container, that the image resides within (the parent element)

Now I’ve found the issue with the spacing at the top that is too large:

Finding & Fixing CSS Spacing Issues with Dev Tools
  • I can now go into the stylesheet and amend the class “content-image section” or just add an in-line style to this individual incidence of the class, and change “margin-top” to something like 15px.

When you are inspecting an element in Chrome, Dev tools will also tend to highlight (in a dark shade) the spacing around that element too, so it shows you which element is generating the padding or margin.

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