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Find Hope After Infidelity

By Lessonsofadad @lessonsofadad
Find hope after infidelity The Legal Wife. If you live in the Philippines, you'd know that the three words I just mentioned comprise the title of probably the country's most popular (or most hated) TV show and one of the most trending online topics among Filipinos come weeknights. It’s crazy how the show has been getting the attention it’s been getting; and often times, when I take a scroll through my Facebook timeline during the nights when the show is on, I have to scroll a long way down before I find something that is NOT related to that show.  Do you feel me?
(I do chuckle at some of the funny memes some people make out of it, though.)
I don't know why there are so many shows on this hurtful topic recently, and, sadly, I know many friends who have been burned by adultery.  One of them, who has a wry sense of humor, placed this status update:
I wonder if she’s watching #TheLegalWife
I instantly laughed and "liked" the status; but this is no laughing matter.  A few years back, she joined my young couples group (sans soon-to-be-ex-husband, of course) and she just verbally vomited all the pain she’s been feeling inside.  The hurt, the betrayal, the feeling of worthlessness, it was so…raw.  I could never imagine putting my wife through that sort of pain.  No way.
Find hope after infidelity Again, sadly, she’s far from the only one I know who has struggled with adultery.  Several friends, mostly women, have been hurt to the very core by a spouse or significant other whose eyes, and later, hearts and bodies, started to wander.  As I thought back to my friend’s Facebook status update and the plight of other friends like her, I wonder how they can find hope after infidelity.  How can these women feel cope and heal after such a terrible trial?
Well, what I have here is another one of Focus On The Family’s radio broadcasts, split into two parts.  Its title is Hope for Every Marriage, where Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs offer valuable advice, and hope, for couples as they candidly describe their own journey of infidelity and restoration.

I love these Focus on the Family broadcasts and I use them often on my blog.  I also like that they're in audio form, so I can listen while I do something else.
If you are a real-life version of Angel Locsin’s character in The Legal Wife (or, you never know, The Legal Husband.  I recently saw another Facebook status update saying that a local DJ killed himself after finding out his wife was having an affair) I hope you will find this blog entry a cathartic experience, as I will feature both parts of their broadcast here, as well as some great resources below them.  I hope they all bless you and indeed, if the mega-popular Philippine TV show, The Legal Wife hits too close to home, may what you see below give you hope after the infidelity.
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