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Final Post ; I’m Moving Blog to My Website @

By Rhodainpittsburgh

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Today, February 12th marks my sixth year of blogging!

I’ve been advised I was foolish not to have my blog on my website (which is also on WordPress), and finally I’m going to correct the situation. I really hope to not lose many subscribers because YOU are why I continue to write. Today, February 12, 2015 marks 6 years of my blogging. I hope to continue to make this one of the best Blog sites on the web.

My current new creative spark is to begin podcasting. Podcasts are an audio blog. It’s another format to reach a wider audience.

I invite each of you to take time to comment below; I would love to know if there are specific topics or questions about relationships you would like me to address either in a blog post or podcast…..

I’m in my early 60’s (my grandson is in the picture above with me) & I want to keep my creative fires burning. My passion for my work has not diminished in over 35 years of working. There is so much to learn about relationships and how to keep them growing.

I’ve used the web & will use the microphone in 2015 to reach a wider audience. I hired a podcast mentor Doug Foresta because I want to reach more people with my ideas before I die. This is my unique legacy……

Visit the website & it is easy to see it is about substance, not marketing. I’m proud of that. I believe that fortune favors the bold & that it’s important to stir up my status quo with new risks & challenges.

I can’t ask my clients to have courage to try new things if I’m not willing to do so myself.

I believe that life requires us to be uncomfortable & do new things to maintain liveliness & vitality. There are a lot of boring people because they base their choices on fear which strangles & suffocates, which keeps the world too small.

I’m mostly scared of losing my faithful readers so I invite you to subscribe here
to the blog’s new home (I will also send you a link to podcasts if you sign up)

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Thanks again for 6 years of reading, I appreciate your loyalty because I’m well aware there are sooooo many important priorities tugging at your available time.

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