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Film Entry #5 Castaway

Posted on the 22 May 2012 by Thepopcornpreacher @ThePopCornPreac
Film Entry #5 CastawayCastaway (2000) 
Directed By: Robert Zemerkis
Actors: Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt and Paul Sanchez
If I were to tell you that a story about a simple Fed ex worker that got stranded on a small atoll in the middle of the ocean after surviving a plane crash and stayed there for 4 years you probably wouldn't believe me, right?
Well it just so happens that this story was true and so Hollywood decided to make a film about it with Tom Hanks at the helm.
I personally think that Tom Hanks is a brilliant actor, whether its doing a voice over for the iconic Woody doll or playing a socially retarded man trundling through life; he really knows how to provoke emotion and create a feeling of great sympathy like few other actors are able to achieve. Tom continues his good form In Castaway, he starts out as a fast paced Fed ex manager who never misses a beat, and must learn to change his behavior as he is dropped into very unnatural circumstances.
One of the main reasons I felt this film was so enjoyable was that it took us, as human beings, back to the bare minimum in resources and living, it showed us how we may cope if we were completely out cast from civilization. You see how someone may tackle surviving in a very small place and also how being isolated can have such a degrading effect.  It is a truly moving film and completely unbelievable film, if you have not seen this film already make sure that you do.
It is a film of tragedy and of survival, with strong performances and an incredible story this is an unmissable film, Its major flaw could be that it felt slightly too long but it does not diminish it that much.
I would give this film a rating of 9/10
Film Entry #5 Castaway Film Entry #5 CastawayFilm Entry #5 CastawayFilm Entry #5 CastawayFilm Entry #5 Castaway
Film Entry #5 CastawayFilm Entry #5 Castaway Film Entry #5 CastawayFilm Entry #5 Castaway

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