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Fifty-Three Launches ‘Pencil’ : A Stylus for ‘Paper’ for iPad

Posted on the 19 November 2013 by Tftb @TFTB

Fifty-three is a very innovative and modern team of App Developer who work on making iPad much more than just a bigger iPhone. Their Free App Paper is not just a drawing app but a note-taking + sketching app which not only makes iPad much more productive but opens up a lot of possibilities of the versatility of how the iPad can be used and perceived.

Pencil Stylus for Paper

Paper won the Apple’s 2012 iPad App of the year and since their launch they kept on working on it to make it better than before. Since the launch they have added a lot of new features in form of In-App purchases which add more to your palette and brushes. Fifty-three has now launched a Stylus which is specially made to make your Paper App usage much more enjoyable, productive and very creative. The new stylus is called Pencil and it works with Paper for iPad and using Bluetooth 4.0 technology to do all the magic behind the scene.

On the design side, Pencil as the name suggests mimics the actual look and feel of a Pencil which we all have used since our childhood. The Pencil is a premium stylus and certainly looks like a very polished product. It not only is a Stylus to write on the iPad but the backside works like an eraser just like a traditional pencil’s eraser. The tip and the eraser both are plated with 14kt gold which makes sure that the reaction is accurately measured. The device has a built-in battery and one full charge with normal use can last up to a month. It has a removable rechargeable lithium-ion battery and charges on any USB port.

One the software side, Paper adapts to Pencil very easily ( duh! ). You just need to tap and hold the Stylus once and within few seconds the app is ready to accept Pencil strokes and very easily rejects your palm’s strokes which might happen while sketching or writing. Flipping the pencil will help you erase anything you want to erase, it works just like an eraser does. You do not even need to select the erase tool from the App, it detects the backside of the pencil and erases as you want.

pencil stylus Palm Rejection
pencil stylus blend
pencil stylus erase

There are two version of the Pencil Stylus


Pencil Stylus Walnut
Walnut + Magnetic Snap : $59.99  – Made from sustainably harvested Walnut. The unique grain and character changes as you use it.

Pencil Stylus Graphite
Graphite : $49.99 – Anodized, brushed aluminum.
The Walnut Pencil comes with a Magnetic Snap which will help you stick the pencil to your iPad Smart Cover.

Pencil Stylus Magnetic Snap

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