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FIFA 12 Preview

By Thetoaststaff

FIFA is easily my favorite video game ever. I have spent more time playing the FIFA series than I have on any other game or game series. In my opinion, FIFA 11 has been the best FIFA in history. FIFA 12 will have a lot to live up to but I definitely like what I am seeing so far. The gameplay updates seem minor compared to past editions but I believe that is a good thing. The gameplay is not in need of an overhaul and just a few tweaks will do. I am interested to see exactly what the precision dribbling is and how exactly it works. As far as the defense techniques go, the examples in the above video don't really look all that different from what most people do in FIFA 11. The only thing that is new looks to be some of the nice collision animations shown. Most people have to use timing and anticipation to be successful against the skilled players online. We will see what exactly will be different with that. The one aspect that did get my interest was the EA Sports Football Club. I love completing challenges and having live and updated challenges coinciding with my favorite team seems like something that will keep me interested all season long. Being able to connect to friends and see what they have accomplished with updates looks really cool. They also said that this mode is across all platforms so being able to track a friend who plays on Playstation 3 is something that really appeals to me. Make sure to add me as a friend on the 360 at bdub1987. I would love to play some of you online.

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