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FFS Friday - Wrestlemania

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Eljay has been practicing his tantrums lately, he's got them down to a fine art. He's perfected the method and has been working on the location. FFS.
Tuesday he decided it was time to up things a notch or two and have a long tantrum whilst we were out shopping, so that the whole shopping center could admire his skills. FFS.
I was tired and lice infested so really not in the mood. FFS.
He started in the supermarket, because I dared to ask if he wanted something to eat. FFS.
After dramatically throwing himself on the floor and refusing to budge, he went limp so I had to carry him. FFS.
There were no checkout operators on so I held him screaming whilst attempting to scan the shopping. FFS.
He tricked me into thinking the tantrum was over after we left the supermarket and looked happily at the skateboards, then he restarted the tantrum when I told him we were going home to have lunch. FFS.
He did the limp trick again but when that didn't work he tried the screaming NO and punching me routine. FFS.
Since I didn't take too kindly to that he decided that was the one to go with so kept it up the whole way to the car. FFS.
Pretty sure that walk to the car took about five hours. FFS.
Mercifully the car spot next to me was empty, I needed the space to wrestle him in to the car and put his seatbelt on whilst he kept on slipping out of the straps, arching his back, kicking me and screaming his little lungs out. FFS.
Not long after I'd started the wrestling match a car decided it wanted to park in the empty bay next to me. FFS.
WTF is with that? You can see someone with the door wide open trying to get a child into their seat, why park next to them? There were empty spots all over the place, one two spots down from me, one directly opposite. WTF? FFS.
She didn't even bother waiting with her indicator on, she actually pulled as far as she could in to the bay and then sat there waiting for me. WTF? FFS.
By that time I was in a pretty foul mood so I totally ignored her. FFS.
Eventually I got the screaming wrestler into his seat then I took a bit longer just because of the stupid woman waiting. When I was ready (and still without looking at her) I then took my time getting into my seat. FFS.
I really don't understand what is wrong with some people. When there are plenty of car bays free why choose the one next to someone with their car door wide open? Why not leave that person to get into their car and park elsewhere?
Luckily for her she didn't say anything to me, if she did I would have got out and snotted her. FFS.

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