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FFS Friday - Whingey McWhingerson

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
It's Friday, time for my weekly whinge! 
Last week from Wednesday on I was so tired that I was struggling to keep my eyes open. You know when you are so tired that your eyes sting and you can't keep them open? That's how I was feeling all the time. FFS.

I had the PILs here helping for a few days. It was wonderful. Not FFS.

As usual MIL drove me crazy. FFS.

Wednesday we all went out to do the food shopping. On the way home Eljay decided to do his screaming trick. FFS.

MIL was sitting in the back with a tired Chai and the screaming Eljay. She was trying to soothe Eljay but as he was on the opposite side of the car to her she had to reach her arm right across Chai which annoyed him greatly, so he started screaming too. FFS.

There was no way to soothe Eljay and all she was doing was upsetting Chai but do you think she'd stop? I told her at least five times to leave Eljay alone and to stop irritating Chai but she didn't. FFS.

In the end FIL told her to leave it so she did, but every now and again she'd reach for Eljay when we weren't looking (which was most of the time as I was driving). FFS.

The only problem with that was as soon as she'd reach across Chai he'd start yelling. FFS.

Whilst all this was going on and I was driving like I was being chased by the devil, MIL kept on telling me to pull over and soothe Eljay. FFS.

I told her twice that it wouldn't help and that he'd get more upset when we started driving again, but of course she didn't believe me and kept on telling me to pull over. So I yelled at her. Oops. FFS.

It was bad enough having my baby screaming his lungs out without her upsetting Chai and telling me what to do, like I haven't already tried everything to stop him getting so upset in the car. FFS.

Unable to respect my wishes MIL reached her arm behind Chai and flapped a catalog near Eljay, who promptly stopped crying and started laughing. FFS.

I'm never going out again. FFS.

Going anywhere in the car with Eljay is sofa king stressful, I hate it. FFS.

Did you like that? If you didn't get it, say it fast. Sofa king. Hehehe. If you like that you'll like far queue too. Bahahaha. (Yes, I'm tired so everything seems funny at the moment).
I made the mistake of telling Tiger about this and he got really annoyed and is going to say something to his mom. FFS.
I should have just kept my mouth shut. FFS.

The last few days before Tiger comes home are always difficult. I'm tired, Chai has had enough and it's just not fun. 

Saturday morning we had to go to the supermarket so off we went. Eljay was tired so I put him in the carrier as he usually falls asleep in it. Not this time. FFS.

Halfway through the food shopping Eljay spat it and wouldn't stop crying. FFS.

Chai decided to join in too. FFS.

The lovely people at the checkout let me go through the 12 items or less aisle and a very nice lady let me go in front of her. Not FFS.

No matter what I did Eljay would not stop crying. FFS.

I left the supermarket and got Eljay out of the carrier to calm him down. This meant that I was trying to push my full trolley with one hand with a screaming child in the other. FFS.

Thankfully a nice man pushed the shopping trolley to the car for me and even offered to load my shopping into the car. Not FFS.

As we were walking to the car he kindly told me that he has two boys and it doesn't get any easier. FFS.
That was just what I didn't need to hear. FFS.

People are so much friendlier in the country! Not FFS.

The rest of the day was exhausting. Chai was out of sorts so constantly spitting the dummy and crying. Every time I got Eljay to sleep Chai woke him up, which meant I had a very tired baby who just wanted to be held. All I wanted to do was go to sleep. Fun. FFS.

That afternoon I was getting lunch ready and managed to pour most of a can of beetroot into the sink. FFS.
The same sink that I'd just emptied Chai's potty into. FFS.
I had thoroughly cleaned it out, but still. Gross. FFS.

Dad came over for a few hours in the evening and saved the day. Not FFS.

The next day my best friend, brother, sister in law and nephews came over and we all had a wonderful day. They stayed until around 5.30pm and Chai had such a great time. My best friend bought her dog over (at Chai's request) so they spent a lot of time running around together then when my nephews arrived they all went for a swim. It was so nice to see my little boy happy and having fun. Not FFS.
It's made me realize that I really need to make the effort to go out or get people over more often when Tiger is away.
Tiger got home Tuesday. Not FFS.
He picked up his new car. We now have three cars as he hasn't sold the old one. FFS.
The bloody thing is costing us a fortune already. FFS.
He's replaced the brakes, bought a reversing camera, air cleaner and tire. FFS.
He's also planning on tinting the windows and goodness knows what else. FFS.
Stupid car. FFS.
It's actually quite nice to drive. FFS.
In the early hours of Thursday morning I came down with a cold. FFS.
Send the wahmbulance. FFS.
It should be illegal for mothers to get sick as we don't get a break and can't rest. FFS.
Although I did time it pretty well cause Tiger is doing everything whilst I look after bub and lie around feeling sorry for myself. Not FFS.
I'm sure there are lots more things for me to whine about but I can't think of them at the moment so they will have to wait for next week. 
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