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FFS Friday - Wee Foot

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Hello! It's Friday! I'm sure you already knew that and if you didn't you would have known it when you read the title to my post, making this sentence redundant, but anyhow. As usual, I have plenty to complain about it, so grab a drink and let's get into it. 
Last Friday was my first full day flying solo again. FFS.

As usual, my day started before 5am. FFS.

I have a new pram so decided to go walking with the boys. Not FFS.

As I was getting ready Eljay decided he wanted to go to sleep. FFS.

I put him to sleep, got ready and as soon as he woke up I fed him, put both boys in the pram and off we went. Not FFS.

I had to put Eljay in the carrier for the walk home. FFS.

He's 8kg's now. FFS.
The whole way home Eljay screamed, I'm sure the suburb is really happy with me waking them all up before 7am. FFS.

When we got home I put Eljay to sleep, Chai and I had breakfast and I had a shower. When Eljay woke up I got the boys loaded into the car, turned the key and nothing. FFS.

Great. I made sure the car was in park and tried again. Nothing. FFS.

So I unloaded both boys and rang the RAC. FFS.

They arrived, got the car started and we were ready to go. Not FFS.

As usual Eljay screamed the whole way to the shopping center. FFS.

And Chai joined in too. FFS.

The also both screamed the whole way home. FFS.

Eljay screaming really upsets Chai and he wants me to hold his hand, so for most of the trip home I was driving with one hand and holding his hand with my other hand. FFS.

When we got home I went the the toilet and as I was washing my hands I saw that I had a large, black spider sitting just above my lip. FFS.

No idea where it came from. FFS.

I usually put spiders outside, but that one I killed. FFS.

Later on I was feeding Eljay when I could hear Chai getting into the pantry. FFS.

Feeding and putting Eljay to sleep is always slightly scary as I never know what damage Chai will have done whilst I'm not there. FFS.

This time he'd been trying to reach the chocolate and decided to use his potty as a stool. FFS.

His potty was full of wee. FFS.

The wee went all over the floor. FFS.

I discovered this when I stood in it. FFS.

Yep. FFS.

As if it's not bad enough having poo face, I now have wee foot. I shall never recover. FFS.
Picture this. I'm standing in the pantry with wee all over my foot and nothing in reach to wipe my foot on. I hop over to the sink when Chai comes in and asks "What's wrong Mummy?" to which I reply "I have wee wee on my foot." "Oh" he says. Helpful. I wash and dry my foot (very difficult when it's in the sink, our sinks are high too) then get a towel and clean up the wee that's all over the floor. FFS.
Despite the events of Friday's walk I decided to go for another walk on Saturday. I'm determined to walk my butt off (literally).
This time I put Chai in the carrier on my back. He screamed the whole way to the park. FFS.
When we got to the park I fed him and put him back in the carrier. He screamed the whole way home. FFS.
He finally stopped screaming and fell asleep when we got to our street. FFS.
After that I made Sunday a rest day because I couldn't face the thought of going for another walk with a screaming baby. FFS.
Saturday my day started at 3am. FFS.
Eljay woke up for a feed and then decided it was a great time to have a chat. FFS.
I finally got him back to sleep, lay down in bed, closed my eyes and Chai woke up. FFS.
That night both boys (and me) were totally exhausted. Bed time is a nightmare when Tiger isn't here. FFS.
I put Eljay to sleep but he kept on waking up so I gave up and tried to put Chai to sleep. He couldn't go to sleep because Eljay was chatting away. FFS.
Chai decided that he needed to lay on me to go to sleep and Eljay decided he wanted a cuddle too. FFS.
I finally managed to get them both to sleep with Chai laying on my chest and Eljay laying next to me feeding. FFS.
Sunday was another trying day. I won't even bother going into it, it was pretty much the same as the previous two days. For some reason I'm really struggling this swing, I have no idea why. It just feels like every time Tiger goes away solo parenting gets a little bit harder. FFS.
This week every day has felt like groundhog day. Each day has been the same as what I've whinged about above. FFS.
Wednesday I didn't think I could cope any more so I got us all dressed and we went to the playground for 3 hours. Not FFS.
It was great, Chai had a wonderful time, I got to sit down for a few minutes and everything was lovely. Not FFS.
The only dowside was Eljay doing a huge spew all down the front of both of us. FFS.
Just before Tiger left we changed Chai into a bigger car seat and moved him from the middle out to the edge. This was the first time we'd been out with the new arrangement. Normally I lock the car doors when I'm driving but this time I'd forgotten to. FFS.
I was driving along when I could suddenly heard air coming in to the car. I thought that Chai had let the window down a little bit, so I turned his window up but the noise continued. Then I realised that he'd opened the door! FFS.
I quickly locked the door which is when I realised that he hadn't just unlatched it, he'd actually opened it and the only reason it didn't fly open was because he was holding onto the handle! FFS.
We were on a really busy section of road with trucks all around so I couldn't pull over! FFS.
I slowed right down, took the first turn that I saw and there was still nowhere to pull over so I stopped on the road. FFS.
When we got home I put the child lock on. FFS.
Thursday was a pretty good day. Chai was happy, Eljay was happy and everything was good...until the evening. FFS.
I put Eljay to sleep three times and he kept on waking up. FFS.
By then it was time for Chai to go to sleep so the poor child had to go to sleep listening to Eljay singing the song of his people. FFS.
It was 8.30pm by the time I got them both to sleep. FFS.
The house looked like a bomb had hit it, but I left it all, ate some ice cream, wrote this post and went to bed. FFS.
That concludes my whine for the week. Come back next week to read more of my whinges. If you haven't had enough of whinging, head over to Sarah's blog to see what everyone else has been whinging about.
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