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FFS Friday - Waste

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Hello and welcome to Friday. We've made it through another week. If you're parents in WA, you've made it through the school holidays. If you're a homeschooler, nothings changed.
I had my gastroscopy and colonoscopy on Wednesday. They went well and everything looked good which is great news. I was concerned that my Crohn's might have spread but it hasn't. I'm still in pain every day, but at least my Crohn's isn't getting worse. 
Yesterday in Australia Instagram made it so that you can no longer see how many likes a post has got. There's an uproar about it. Personally I think it's great. Maybe we'll see the end of the influencer. I'd like that. 
It irks me to see the same people get sent a pile of stuff from brands. I'd much rather see them send out products to random fans. It'd be a great way to generate publicity, the person would be more grateful, more likely to use the products and I find normal people much more believable than influencers. 
I wonder if brands consider the waste that occurs when they're sending a pile of products to influencers? I was watching a declutter video recently and so many products were just being tossed. Some of them had only been released a few weeks earlier and they were going in the bin. How wasteful. It's also a waste of money for the brand. Bad for the brand, bad for the environment and just totally wasteful. 
If I see a product endorsed by an influencer I treat it as an ad and ignore what they say. If I see a review by a normal person, I believe them. I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't believe influencers are honest. 
People aren't silly, we know when something is an ad, even if the person doesn't disclose it's an ad. 
Let's hope brands will wise up, stop the wastage and start rewarding their genuine customers instead of heaping products on people who'll often just throw them in the bin. 

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