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FFS Friday - The Whirlwind Edition

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
Once again I don't have a whole lot to complain about this week. Actually I do, but this week has been such a whirlwind that I'm struggling to remember it all. 

Saturday we went down south to look at two rentals. We saw the first one, didn't like it and then the second one (which looked really nice) cancelled on us. FFS.

What a waste of a trip. FFS.

We decided to stay down south until we found somewhere to live. Saturday night a friend called us in crisis so we packed up the car and came home to look after him. FFS/Not FFS.

We got home at 10pm and he was supposed to meet us at our house. He didn't turn up. FFS.
We couldn't get hold of him so had no idea where he was or if he was okay. FFS.
We finally heard from him at 10am Sunday. FFS.
Poor guy had had some major dramas which is why we hadn't been able to contact him. FFS.
We didn't see him all weekend, so our trip home was a waste, we could have spent Sunday driving past all the houses we wanted to look at, instead we were at home. FFS.
On the plus side, I got all the washing done. Yes, this was the highlight of my weekend. FFS.
We headed back down south Monday morning. Arranging to look at houses was a lot more difficult than we thought it'd be. A lot of the places advertised were already taken (WTF were they still being advertised?) FFS.
The ones that weren't taken wanted to book us in for Wednesday or even Monday next week, and we didn't have that much time. FFS.
They also said it'd take 4 to 5 days to get back to us once we put in an application. FFS! 
Looking for a rental was certainly an experience. For some reason people wanting rentals are treated like second class citizens, which I don't understand at all. As a landlord myself I think a good tenant is like gold and they are treated accordingly! 
I realised that there are different standards for different people, we were treated very well as soon as they saw that we were a family and we told them that Tiger is a FIFO worker. FFS.
Some of the questions we were asked were surprising. The Professionals wanted to know what nationality we are (we didn't tell them). FFS.
Ray White wanted to know if we owned a lawnmower and whipper snippper and if we didn't how we were going to maintain the gardens. Seriously. What difference does it make? As long as the lawn and gardens are maintained who cares how it is done? FFS.
With a lot of sweet talking from Tiger we managed to look at about five houses. We liked the first one and thankfully they liked us, so we got it! Not FFS.
Now I have a whole house to pack up in three weeks, with my little darling helping me. FFS.
Thursday we nearly killed our child again. FFS.
He ran straight in front of a car. FFS.
Unusually for me I just stood there and watched it happen. Go me. FFS.
We were at the beach and Chai had been playing in the puddles. We were walking through the car park when I saw a car coming so tried to grab Chai's hand but missed. FFS.
He's usually very careful on the road however he was focusing on running to Daddy, so ran straight in front of the car. FFS.
I screamed at him to stop, which he did, and thankfully the car (which was going really slowly) saw him and stopped. FFS.
So did my heart. FFS.
Dear Baby G

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