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FFS Friday - The Six, Foxtel and Telstra Edition

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
This week has been all about 6. Six pairs of shoes, 6 cars, 6 jails. And also about bad customer service, thanks Foxtel and Telstra.
Thanks to my dodgy friends I have now been to every adult male jail in Perth. I've also been to Albany jail. FFS.
This means I've been to 6 different jails. FFS. 
Friday afternoon we continued the tortuous hunt for new joggers for hubby. FFS.
He's been searching all over the place for new joggers recently. FFS.
He really doesn't need them, he's bought 6 pairs of shoes in the past 6 weeks, all of which he tells me he needs. FFS.
No-one needs 6 new pairs of shoes! FFS.

For some reason hubby recently decided he needed a new car. FFS.

In the 6 years we've been together he's had 6 cars. FFS.

He took the day off on Friday to get the loan documentation sorted. This means he didn't work all last week. FFS.

Hubby insisted on picking the car up at 8am Saturday morning. FFS.
Why it had to be 8am I have no idea. FFS.

We now have 3 cars and 1 motorbike. FFS.

It's some consolation that the ugly rims fit on his new car and look pretty good.

A few weeks ago we got hubby an Eagles foxtel remote. Saturday we looked at it and realised that it had a crack in it. FFS.
We'd originally ordered it at the Innaloo foxtel stand but after 5 weeks it hadn't arrived so we'd given up. FFS.

We'd then bought one from the Morley foxtel stand. When we bought it were told that they are the same company as the Innaloo store so if there was any problems we could return it to Innaloo. We took the remote to Innaloo and the guy told us that if we wanted it replaced we had to take it to Morley. FFS.

I told him we won't be taking it to Morley and that we want it replaced. After speaking to the Morley branch for 10 minutes he told us that he couldn't replace it unless we took it to Morley as he didn't have any in stock but Morley did. FFS.
Then I told him that if he can't replace it then we want a refund. He told me he couldn't give me a refund as Morley is a different company. FFS.

Not to be deterred I told him that he'd already advised us they were the same company so stop lying to me and either replace the handset or give me a refund. He got back on the phone to Morley. FFS.

After another 5 minutes he put me on the phone to the guy from Morley. Once again I told him to either replace the handset or refund our money. Morley guy said that as we'd paid by credit card the Innaloo guy couldn't refund our money as he didn't have an eftpos machine and he couldn't replace the handset as they didn't have any at Morley. FFS.

Being hormonal and tired, it was at the point that I got angry and told the guy I was sick of the stupid carry on, my issue needed to be resolved by either replacing the handset or refunding my money. He told me that he'd need to speak to his manager and that as his manager was at the royal show he wouldn't be able to get back to me for a day. FFS.

I told him that I'm sure his boss has a mobile phone so he had 15 minutes to get back to me with a resolution. FFS.

He put me on hold whilst he rang his boss. FFS.

Meanwhile, after quizzing the Innaloo guy we established that he did have an eftpos machine, so the Morley guy had lied to us! FFS.

By this time I was getting very annoyed. Messing with a hormonal woman is never a wise move. FFS.
Finally the state manager came onto the phone and told me that they didn't have any handsets in stock but they would get one for me in the next couple of days. FFS.
Why they couldn't have said that in the first place I have no idea, it is what we'd been asking for the whole time. FFS. 

I had the new remote on Wednesday. FFS.
It really annoys me that you have to be rude to get decent customer service sometimes. FFS.

For any of you who are thinking of dealing with the Innaloo or Morley Foxtel kiosks, don't! FFS.

Sunday night we were supposed to go to a wedding. We'd been looking forward to it for weeks because we were getting bub looked after and going out on our own. We didn't get to go. FFS.
We didn't get to go because we thought I was pregnant (Aunt Flo was 3 weeks late), however Sunday arvo Aunt Flo arrived and I felt like crap, so spent the afternoon and evening in bed feeling sorry for myself. FFS.

Mum and my step dad had come up to look after Chai for us, so they had a wasted trip. FFS.

Remember how I said last week I had forgotten to pay our bills? Turns out I also forgot to pay hubby's drivers license. Oops. FFS.

I've paid all the bills now and haven't told hubby about it, hehe. FFS.

In the early hours of Monday morning my phone died. RIP phone. FFS.

It's just over a year old. FFS.

I feel like I'm missing an arm when I don't have my phone with me. FFS.
Hubby rang Telstra at 6am and sorted out a new phone for me. They said all I had to do was go into any store and there were notes on my record saying I could upgrade to a new phone with no charges. Awesome.

I headed into the Innaloo store (should have known better!), and was told that the notes on my record didn't say anything about not paying any charges, that my phone would have to be assessed by a technician, that they don't have any technicians in store so it would have to be sent away which would take a week and that as it is no longer under warranty it would cost me up to $150. FFS.

The lady I was dealing with then palmed me off onto another person who thought that I was bringing the phone in for repair and not for assessment by a technician. FFS.
They kept on asking if I'd dropped the phone or got it wet because phones don't normally die like that. FFS.

After half and hour I gave up, went home and rang Telstra who told me that there were notes on my record sayingthat I could upgrade the phone at no charge. FFS.

I asked if the Innaloo store would have been able to see those notes and they said that they would have. FFS.

Instead of heading back down there I rang the Innaloo store. They told me that there were no customer service reps available but that they don't deal with things like that and I would need to go to the Whitfords or Morley store. FFS.

If that is really the case, why didn't they tell me that when I went into the store the first time. FFS.

I then decided to ring the Karrinyup store because I really didn't want to drive out to Whitfords. The Karrinyup store told me that they wouldn't tell me if they could see my notes over the phone, I would have to go there in person so that they could identify me. FFS.

I queried why they couldn't identify me over the phone and they had no explanation. I gave up. FFS.

I understand privacy laws, clearly the guy I was speaking to doesn't. FFS.
There is no point arguing with an idiot, they just drag you down to their level and beat you with their stupidity. FFS.

By this stage I was resigned to having to go to Whitfords however I decided to ring them before heading out there. They had a recorded message saying all their customer service reps were busy but they would call me back before the end of the day. FFS.

I put bub back in the car and headed out there. FFS.

When I arrived at the store there was a queue out the door. FFS.

They got through the line in less than five minutes and the staff were really friendly. Finally!

Whilst I was waiting to be seen, bub did a huge spew all over his top, pants and the pram. FFS.

I cleaned it up as best I could but all I could smell for the rest of the time there was spew. FFS.

A lovely man called Greg and his trainee Craig helped me. They sorted everything out really quickly and with no problems at all. When I told them what had happened at Innaloo they told me that the Innaloo store could have handled things for me and they showed me the notes on my record that clearly stated I could have a new phone with no charges. So the lady at Innaloo lied to me. FFS.

I will never go back to the Innaloo store again. FFS.

They also told me that the Karrinyup store could have checked the notes on my record when I called them. FFS.
I'll never go to the Karrinyup store again either. FFS.

By this time my exhausted little man, who was so patient the whole morning, had fallen sound asleep in his spew clothes. Mummy Fail. FFS.

On the way to the car Chai woke up and cried his little heart out at not being in his bed. FFS.

As I got to the car someone decided to wait for my parking spot. FFS.
I didn't even try to go faster, if they want to wait for someone with a pram to vacate their parking spot, they can bloody well wait. FFS.
Poor bub calmed down after I started singing nursery rhymes at the top of my voice. FFS.
When I got home it took me 45 minutes to get Chai to sleep because he was refreshed from his power nap. FFS.
As my phone is totally dead I've lost all the data on it, including photo's of Chai. Thankfully I backed it up a month ago and then started taking most of my photos with the camera, so I haven't lost much, but I still wish I could have those photos. FFS.

And now for a rant. What is up with terrible customer service? I could understand getting poor customer service if I was rude, however I'm always polite and friendly, neatly dressed and not rude unless I am left with no choice. I don't understand why bad customer service is so common now. And what's with lying to customers? They must realize that you'll find out they lied, so why bother? If these people hate their jobs so much surely they could find another job they didn't hate? Bad customer service is why people shop online. When I know I get great customer service in a store I'll go there and even if it costs me more, I'll shop there for the great service. Maybe the retailers wouldn't be suffering so much if their staff were nice to customers. FFS.
Whilst I'm talking customer service, the Bankwest kiosk at Karrinyup is excellent, they always have great customer service. They go above and beyond. Last week I watched one of the staff members helping a gorgeous old gentleman wearing a bow tie, who couldn't remember where he'd parked his car. The Bankwest guy spent ten minutes with him helping him figure out which car park he'd parked in and then offered to walk the gentleman to his car. Now that's great service to a person who probably wasn't even a Bankwest customer. 
BIL is still on at us about this stupid direct marketing. FFS.
He's given Amway the flick (what a surprise) and now he's selling something and I'm not sure what it is. FFS.
He sent me a link to the website and from what I can see it looks like he's selling electronics. FFS.
Apparently he's also selling mobile phone plans. He got really angry with hubby when we wouldn't switch over to one of his plans. FFS.
Us being in contract didn't register with him so hubby told him we'd switch if he paid out our contracts. FFS.
BIL then got really pissed off and went on this big rant that ended with him saying that I don't need to worry about my income because I'm living off hubby. FFS.
It was at the point that hubby got really angry and told him he'd crossed the line. They didn't speak for a few days. FFS.
They're speaking again and now BIL is trying to get us to transfer our home phone and internet to his company. FFS.
Again, he doesn't understand that we are under contract. FFS. 

He rings us both every day to try to get us to switch. FFS.

I wish someone had reminded me that when you marry someone you also marry their family. FFS.

In other exciting news, FFS Friday is 1 today! Yes, Sarah has been whinging for a whole year now. I haven't been whinging quite that long, but I'm working on it. Head over to Dear Baby G and say Happy FFS Friday to Sarah.

Dear Baby G

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